Testing Environment encountered glitches and bugs

Hi ! So here's a topic to report everything that's wrong with the new version of the game that is still in testing.
First of all, and to start on a good mood, I love the two MP5s ! And both new LMGs are great. I'm particularly pleased to see that they are now still usable when not deployed. It's not easy to aim, but you can use it in a self defense scenario, which is more than welcome !

So, now on to the bugs.

  • I experienced bots spawning up in the air and falling to the ground. Can't tell if they survived or not. It was on Summit, between B and C, security side.

  • I also noticed that shooting someone with the MG3 tended to make them disappear. Only their tactical vests are displayed.

  • I had a game crash while reloading the MG3 at the shooting range. That ended my game session for today.

If any of you people have bugs to point out to the dev team, go ahead.

Also sometimes M240B's magazine holder just missing, the mag just floating beside the weapon

scopes sometimes are black so you cant aim

  • Also there is this weird jaggy smokes

  • And what happened to this guy
    I like it though it looks cool ^^