Collection of bugs (Screenshots)

This bug has to be one of the coolest ones I've seen, mixing and matching camos would be interesting as a feature.

Some clipping issues with the new weapon "pull back"

Scope on spec wont display (Scope quality is set to Normal)

Some minor lighting issues for weapons in the loadout screen (I believe this was either Precinct or Crossing? I need to re-enable the option that shows me the coordinates)

1_1550883464610_20190222192010_1.jpg 0_1550883464610_20190222192011_1.jpg
Fella here is using the PKA-S but it won't display on third person, I couldnt quickly recognize it so here's another screenshot that will make it look a little clearer

I'll be updating this as I find more bugs.

For the scope I've had that exact bug and another one.

When I equipped the ACOG scope for the SCAR-H on the shooting range map, the whole gun disappeared while aiming down, and the reticle kind of got left on the screen. This only happened when I tried to aim. I haven't tested wether this is a reoccuring bug, or just a one time thing.

English isn't my native language, but I don't think "when you are wanting to lean" is properly written.

Clipping issues with the Sarjit head and Headband + Combat goggles combo

more clipping issues, this time with the shemagh and armor