My Insurgency BR idea

So this my repost from September 2018 in the "closed Beta" section of the forum.

people were/are anti-BR. "It's dying". Hopefully after Apex Legends launch people think a bit differently now.

I hate the, looting and rng of BR, but i love the squad v squad combat.
My idea is to remove the things i hate and keep the things i love.
No looting, No rng. Just balanced action.

here's my post:

2: Content
Even with 6 maps i don't feel like there is enough content for the game at full launch.
I've heard some people say add Ambush. (never played it so wont comment).

but the most common fps game mode is BattleRoyale.
(I've played pubg, roe, cod4, fortnite)

So here's my pitch on an insurgencySS style BR.
TLDR; squads enter safe-house objectives to survive each "zone", there's always less safe-house objectives than teams alive each zone until 1 team is left.

Only 4-man squads.
same insurgency role layout, 1 sniper, 2 rifle, 1 breacher.
no jumping out of a plane/bus, either pick you spawn location like roe, or its randomly computer generated.
you are security, everyone else looks like insurgents.
count down timer between each "zone"

yes you can be knocked and revived by a team mate. you can be revived once before getting "resupplied"

so the way the "zone" works is after your team is spawned, objectives will appear on the map, the obj will be a "safe house" there will be many objectives, so if 12 teams are spawned, maybe 8 objectives.
You need to take control of an objective before the (a10 raid, nerve gas whatever) comes and wipes out everyone left outside.
Next wave there's 8 teams and 4 objectives, then 4 teams and 1 objective etc.
(numbers can be tweaked but you get the idea).

After each (a10 raid/nerve gas wave) a resupply crate opens up inside the objective, you can change role, resupply etc, get full health and get your 1 knock per life back.

The game ends when there's 1 team left. which could be before anyone even reaches the last obj depending on your strategy.

To have it on such a big scale you would have to make a new map, but maybe trial on a smaller scale with 8 teams 3 obj, then 3 teams 1 obj next wave would work on a current map like hideout or crossing.

So that's my idea for some extra content, i guess now we know we are having a rotating Arcade mode that this could potentially be put into there. in a future update.

@reeceaus said in My Insurgency BR idea:

I've heard some people say add Ambush. (never played it so wont comment).

This pretty much explains everything.

Add minecraft mode for all I care, just prioritize what I mention in signature first as these are more important to get out of beta (for real not just in name).

BR would be a waste of time and resources.

I can only repeat what I wrote in other threads about a BR mode.

The market for BR games is saturated. There is only a limited amount of people playing these games. I think we currently have reached the peak when it comes to user numbers. You can see that that a game like APEX is not generating a lot of "new" players but it is pulling existing BR Players in from other games like Fortnite, PUBG etc. So a Insurgency BR would be in direct competition and the competition is too strong.

One of the biggest plus points for APEX and Fortnite are that both games are F2P. So it is extremely easy for them to get people checking out the game and also keep playing it. Both games are also pretty user friendly and accessible. That does not meant that both games don't have depth to it. Fortnite has the building and APEX has a strong point with its character abilities. Insurgency BR has nothing from that. I would also argue that the niche with a "semi realistic" BR is already occupied by PUBG. It also does not help that both games also look relatively similar because they run on the same engine and have relatively similar look in some areas.

One thing that makes BR "working" is the randomness related to looting. It keeps people engaged and also gives average or below average players a chance to get a sense of achievement, because they can get the upper hand over players who are probably better, but right now have way worse gear. This is especially the case in games like Fortnite or APEX.

Those are just a few exampled. In the end you also want a BR mode that is not a BR mode. How would that attract more players?

Believe it or no. I think the current BR "craze" is a good thing for a niche game like Sandstorm. At least if they concentrate on the strong elements of their game, keep refining it and add more content.

@mefirst said in My Insurgency BR idea:

In the end you also want a BR mode that is not a BR mode. How would that attract more players?

Hey, thanks for putting together a constructive post.

I don’t want BR in the way it’s currently implemented.
I just had to liken it to BR because that’s probably the most similar game mode out there.

I still think there’s a market for people to tap into that’s a squad v squad v squad...etc game mode without the rng looting an zone shrinking.

Personally I would wait until console release and the game to be much more polished before dropping this.

“Apex and fortnite are ftp”; I would have a free weekend with its launch. Or even make that game mode free to play so it good advertising.

And to that “Ambush lover” wait and see how the numbers for sandstorm increase when that game mode drops.
You have to think outside the box and try something, otherwise it’s staying dead.
And I want this game to succeed.


Devs would only need to implement what was already present in their first game. No need to stray further from God right now. Night levels, survival mode, 32 players skirmish, large map diversity, mod tools for the community, the list goes on. Make the game run like it’s not a beta but a full release and implement what already worked in last game. When that is done and been tested for half a year - Also on consoles, they could try the outside box stuff. it makes no sense right now. As stated elsewhere, it’s not even a favorite server option, it’s like even basic functionality is not implemented yet. The devs have enough work on this game for another six months without needing to add anything not already right in front of them from Ins2014...

I don't think it's annoying enough. Zombies are popular too. They should add those. We should have a level in space. With monkeys. Everyone loves space monkeys.

we should make this a mobile game, so that more people play it.

Insurgency Battle Royale on mobile phone, perfect

@jballou Do you guys not have phones?

I would not blame anyone if they wanted to fight op irl.

Even for a BR, I'm not sure if revives in an Insurgency game makes sense. IMO, if you're gonna make an Insurgent Royale, make it so players are dead upon reaching zero HP. Doesn't really make sense otherwise.


Fortnite in Insurgency makes no sense I agree, and revive in Fortnite in Insurgency also makes no sense. They should add more cowbells


  1. I didn't even mention Fortnite. At all.

  2. I actually kinda wanna see Insurgency do some kind of BR / Last Man Standing mode; it just has to be in its own way. Revives aren't an Insurgency thing.

  3. Cowbells?

1+2. Sr was just joking didn’t communicate that well I guess. Br in Insurgency is as far away for me as the cartoonish jet pack lumberjack builder that is fortnite and more game modes or distractions or new unexplored territory should be avoided considering how many obvious improvements the devs could do without it, as mentioned before the devs could work another six months just fixing, adding and building upon what already invented in their first game. 3. More cowbells is a reference to a certain time in the music industry where hipster musicians added weird instruments to stay cool and unique. More cowbells therefore became a joke as a music record could be fixed by “just adding more cowbells”.

1+2) I think Insurgency BR might be weird, but some kind of Last-Man-Standing mode might make sense if you could come up with a decent reason.

  1. I like how you actually explained the joke lmao.
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Speaking about ambush it is something they have considered. And it might come in the future. They are carefully choosing game modes to add so they dont split the playerbase like they did in insurgency2.

Some companies can make br and they can do it good. The biggest and most successful br games(not counting PUBG) were AAA and the devs behind them and they were confident in making a br game. Insurgency is made by an indie studio and they have a good reputation since late 2013 of making a game and continue support on that game’s main concept for at least 2 years. Insurgency is insurgency and its best for it not to touch new areas like br. If it does, it will turn into what counter strike is today, focused more on everything else except for the game’s main concept