Higher the DPI slower the ADS

So i'm having the strangest problem with the mouse sensitivity i ever seen, so recently i changed my DPI from 400 to 1000 and now when i'm playing the game and i ADS the sensitivity goes way down compared to Hipfire even tho they have the same sensitivity: "0.434957", what is causing this? When i go back to 400 DPI and match the sensitivity from Hipfire and ADS everything it's fine.

Help please, thank you!

Maybe im not explaining very well the situation, as English its not my native language, but i will explain it with an example: so imagine, if im using 2 sens(in all the sens's) with 500 DPI and i start in the left side of my mouse pad and end all the way to the right side of the mouse pad horizontally(A to B ) ADS'ing or HIP'firing, the distances end up in the same point, with 1000 DPI and 1 sens(in all the sens's) when i HIP'fire the distance are the same as 500 DPI and 2 sens(starting and ending in the same point) BUT when i ADS with 1000 DPI and 1 sens the distance its reduced in half or so, instead of ending in the same point, that's A to B, instead it's A to C, in the middle of A to B(A-C-B).

Sorry if its still confusing.

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Put your DPI on something that feels comfortable in Windows (anything >=800 should be ok, go lower and you lose resolution afaik). Leave it at that and from now on ONLY adjust the sensitivity ingame. Then go the controls menu ingame and reset to defaults in order to start from scratch.

Now, you're understanding the entire sensitivity system wrong i believe.

  • "Look Sensitivity" (Hip sense) is the main sensitivity and determines how your mouse movement translates to ingame movement.
  • "ADS Sensitivity" is a multiplier of the Look Sens (it says it right there in the menu!).
  • kinda the same goes for the scope sensitivities, menu says they stack with ADS, whatever that means. As a rule of thumb though: Numbers <1 will reduce sens, >1 will increase it.

ADS Sens = Look Sens value * ADS Sens value

0.43 * 0.43 = 0.185

So it's no wonder ADS goes down, because you multiply a value with another value below 1, which further decreases sensitivity. (For the difference of 400 and 1000 DPI.. either the game compensates somehow or 400 is so low already that you don't notice the difference between hip and ads sens. Unsure.)

Hope that helps!

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