Breaking Immersion for FPS

Honestly, this really annoys me because, for example of what I'm talking about: Let's say you breach into a room by kicking open a door. The first thing you see are these un-rendered white textures that catch your eye and therefore breaking the immersion of the gameplay. This is quite annoying as this even happens when going around corners. I do love the extra 30 FPS that I'm getting, but I'd rather not have extra annoyances breaking the flow of this middle-eastern town getting overrun by Insurgent forces being ruined by eye catching white walls. Not to mention that this also ruins some combat situations. I've gotten killed a few times already by having my eyes shift to this bright ass chalky shit when I'm looking for towel-heads wearing brown or orange that blend in to the walls. I hope this isn't a no-render zone added to the maps, because then a fix would be hard, i propose a simple fix; have really shitty low rez textures loaded instead of this milky crap.

This is unrelated but the TAA Anti-Aliasing option, it leaves artifacts when, ex.: ADSing with a pistol onto a sand-stone wall, or anything, looking at those dangling telephone wires with, let's say a machine gun, it looks like it has sharpening all over it, and sometimes even looks like it has artifact blocks, like as if my GPU is dying, but this isn't the biggest issue since I just use SMAA T2x instead, which IMO looks better.

P.S.: the milky white shit occurs on all maps. Also the TDM button, I don't think it works rn, 'least not for me.

I don´t have such white chalky walls when i breach doors and do a dynamic entry into a room.

Are you sure that the problem is not caused by your video settings ?
May be your graphics card is not able to do the rendering fast enough ?
I propose to make a test and change your graphics card ( buy a faster Graphics Card on Amazon ... if you still have the same problems send it back and get your money back )
What are your system specs ?
It´s helpfull if you post them when you encounter performance problems.
Otherwise people cannot help you.

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What Texture Quality and Texture Streaming Pool settings do you use?

  • If you have a Graphics Card with much VRAM you should set Texture Streaming Pool to OFF to use all the VRAM. Otherwise use HIGH.
  • If you have the game installed on a slow harddrive you can try setting Texture Quality lower to load textures faster.