WHEN are lances going to get buffed or fixed?

@canardnoir BFGA isnt really an RTS though. its an RTT. It also is poor game design when you have to pick an upgrade Just to make a ship good in something its already been specialized in. It leads to 1 trick pony gameplay and incredibly predictable fleet set ups. Something that isnt the case in a well made RTS because you got flexibility. When it comes to soft stats Ships should perform good with the stats and weapons they got and a upgrade should be optional rather than a MUST to fullfill a specific role.

@brohanbroski I just dont see it. The amount of Micro and Macro needed to succeed with Acheron fleets is Korean levels of skill. Why put up with that BS when you can just spam slaughters and crush your enemies within 5 minutes and be able to deal with pretty much any faction out there. Where your engagement profile with a pure lance fleet is incredibly limited to various factors and you cant afford to screw up.

@CANNED_F3TUS Slaughters are the strongest chaos build so it's not really a fair comparison. Can't comment on the micro requirements just that as a top 15 player I know I'm in for a tough match on IN if I see an acheron build.

@brohanbroski I just made it Legendary with my IN fleet(and gotta say, playing IN is much more fun and easier than Chaos atm), and when I meet an Archeron fleet, I just go for a rush skill set up(I go for a rush setup vs Chaos by default), catch them with MWJ and Stasis(while trying not to get too many ships under Slaanesh stun cast, losing shields is unpleasant), and then it's close range shooting-ramming gallery, while overloading your opponent micro with a lot of threats. Yea, it does require some skill and micro, but as long as IN player does it mostly right, Archerons wont outrun IN and deeefinetly wont outgun them. IN has Reload, AP, torpedoes, ramming... So much to make even a short brawl to cost a lot.

Btw, if only there was a system in place to prevent mindless spamming.. Like making taking fourth battlecruiser of the same type more expensive, and fifth even more expensive...

@zeblasky IN are faster than chaos now with ability. Making the ramming macro shooting strategy not to hard to pull off vs chaos. If you think about it. Chaos cant deal any damage when running away from you while just keep applying pressure with stasis and torps.

IN is far easier to play than chaos because they got more options. Better (more) abilities and actually can deal damage while chaos have to actually use micro, macro and strategy to stay alive and fail doing so because the ships just cant kite anymore.

Chaos fleet feels bare bones in the abilities department unless you pick a sub faction alligned to a god. If you dont you are SoL.

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I was browsing the available upgrades, and I suddenly noticed something lacking, that might be affecting how lances are used and perceived.

Macros have several upgrades that affect their DPS, like armor piercing ammo, daemonic sight, targeting coordinator. The only lance one is the increased range, which only affects Admiral and then is difficult to get much mileage out of considering how hard it is to stay at such rediculous range.

In BFG1 there was an ability called "Overload generator" which increased crit chance 300% when in lock on. Admitted I'd be hesitant to increase critical chance further as in considering the change to how critical hits are calculated now in relation to armor values.

I wonder if the way to improve lance mechanics is to provide selectable upgrades to compliment them. The only one I can think of that helps at the moment is Slannesh, but that's only indirectly.



Macros are already solid enough in default state, upgrades are only there as the icing on a cake. Pick what you want.
With lances, it would be pretty much an essential upgrade for Chaos, leaving only one other upgrade slot for your own choice.

I agree that criticals are not the way to go, the damage (especially armor piercing damage) needs some work.

Also, upgrades don't only affect the admiral, they affect every ship you have. Skills are admiral only.

What I'm trying to say is: in the first game ships had up to 5 upgrades each when fully leveled up, and each had 1 or more skills depending on the tonnage.

You could freely pick an assortment of "essential" upgrades (like launch bay reloaders for carriers, disruption overcharge for lance boats, etc.) and still have one or 2 slots left to pick what you personally liked (feel like having better shields? No problemo. Prefer more combustion? There you go).

Here we have only 2 skills/upgrades to choose from. They should be optional choices that complement your own playstyle and preference, but should not be make or break. Even the meta AP ammo upgrade is nowhere near as powerful as it was in the first game. Especially early on, when it reduced armor to 25 period. Now it only reduces by 15, with average armor being also higher by about 15.

Oh and just to add...

Upgrades don't necessarily affect all ships, and like I said, Aurent-Pattern Weaponries (Imp) and Power of the Damned (chaos) which increases range of macro and lance batteries only affects the Admiral ship. Similarly Improved Augur Array and Many eyed prophet only affect escorts and light cruisers. Perhaps read the tool tips before getting high and mighty.

Well, my sincerest apologies for getting "high and mighty" by making a grand total of one mistake in a sidenote of a post wholly dedicated to another issue.

Thanks for proving my point though, there only two upgrades to choose and many of them don't even affect all ships.