Making Starpulse Wave Great Again

The problem with Starpulse Wave was that although it was a good ability in the beginning, the ability to stack multiple waves on top of one another was quite OP.

However, in it's current incarnation, Starpulse Wave is just a glorified way of dealing with ordinance and strike craft on a rather long cooldown. The cooldown is something that really shouldn't be reduced, since that would just make ordinance useless against Necrons, but at the same time, the ability in it's current form is meh at best and extremely situational it it's very limited utility


Make Starpulse Wave do substantial damage and ignore armour. This comes with the tradeoff that it also does full friendly fire; making it a very bad idea to unleash anywhere near your own ships.

This allows Starpulse Wave to become a rather impressive ability and well worth the long cooldown, while at the same time removing the tactic (stacking) that previously made this an OP ability. It would then do impressive amounts of damage, but that damage would affect all surrounding ships, including yours.

@cool_lad the issue is that if the Necrons use it like that they are defenseless against ordinance due to no carriers/really bad strike craft, and even if saved for ord can’t use it defensively against waves as they would hurt each other and thus be forced to spread out, losing overlapping defensive coverage. It’s also unloreful, as Necrons are immune to starpulse according to BFG.

@cool_lad I'm sorry, I disagree. If starpulse affected allied ships, then Necrons would have to waste their precious teleports in order to defend from ordnances. Teleports and starpulses have very long cooldowns. Necrons might need some new ways to deal damage, but I don't think that this is a good solution.

Also buffing damages will only return necron to the infamous starpulse cheese. Necron do need a bit more damage output but not like that

necrons are pretty fine now with the changes to AP weapons and boarding.

Starpulse wave is fine right now. An unlimited use ability that deletes bombers/fighters and torps and damages ships in an AOE is pretty great. If you want more damage, there's a passive upgrade for that.

i'd rather they just increase fire rate a bit so the annoying problem of shields just reloading by the time you get of your 3'd shot or whatever isn't that present. cuz ya know, starpulse wave was complained about so much when it did do a lot of damage that focusing on that any more would be kinda silly.