You shouldn't ricochet off obstacles you slide into.

Not technically a bug, but unusual behaviour.

When you run and do a knee-slide into a car or barrier, if you have any excess momentum, you will ricochet and your excess momentum can carry you beyond cover.

I think that when you slide into a barrier, you should stop - no matter what the angle of the barrier is to you.

The slide should be terminated when you hit the barrier (green slide) and you should NOT continue to slide out of cover at an angle (red slide) like you are on a ice rink.

0_1551046140993_Knee Slide.png

Hey @JLX

Thanks for the feedback!
Please keep this kind of feedback to the general feedback section, thanks. I've just moved your topic. 🙂

@jlx What if they're made of rubber? Like tires? lol