Again Hit Reg???

First off I would like to mention that I don’t know if it’s only planned to be fixed for the actual update and not the test but it seems you did very little to fix the hit reg... Now I’m not going to say it happens all the time but it sure as hell does happen.

There were many times that I shot people and they died but there were also several times throughout my time playing the test that I would be crouched in a small room and a enemy would be no more than 5-10 feet away and I would sight directly onto this person. Let me say it another way there isn’t any possible way I could have sighted more onto this person in these instances. I wasn’t moving or tired from running I was sitting still and I always use focus. But yet sometimes I would shoot my rifle (most of the time 3 round burst m16) and not a single bullet would register. I’m not talking just didn’t kill the person even though I think a 3 round burst at that proximity should always kill someone... These people would not react at all. No blood no scream no reaction. The bullets apparently just went straight through the person just as I said with not even one registering. Maybe I’m losing my mind? Am I the only person who is still seeing this often enough to be very frustrated by it?

This brings me to another problem if you guys are going to have it so that in this “highly lethal” (let me put that again “HIGHLY LETHAL”) game people can survive multiple bullets which I do all the time as I run heavy armour 100% of the time then at the very least you need to add more “flinch” or “bullet punch”... Lots... There is absolutely no reason what so ever that a person should be able to take a 3 round burst blood flies they scream yet they don’t actually react to this and are more than capable of running, jumping, sliding and shooting back with accuracy I might add... Sorry for the anger but this has been going on for a very long time and is one of if not my biggest issue with the game. You guys make some decisions that I don’t necessarily agree with (Gunship removal? Really?) but hey it is what it is but when I shoot people and nothing happens this is almost literally the only thing that really makes me want to stop playing and sometimes does.

@planetcanada First, a three-round burst in CQB should kill any target regardless of armor worn.

Second, for a game with high lethality, only about 25% of the weapons in the game can one-shot an enemy to the torso that isn't wearing any armor.