Why not allow to determine system focus of an allied ship on the actual allied ship? Instead of selecting each enemy ship and selecting what system you want to focus?

You can't stretch a "selection box" to select enemy ships so you have to click each and one and select priority and system focus.

It would be easier to have an additional option that allows you to set your own ships to target a specific system, then just right click on the enemy ship and that is it.

Which means all of your ships or the one you assigned to target a specific system, will target that system on any enemy ship you engage with it.

You can quickly jump between ships with your control groups and switching their general focus, or stretch a "selection box" and instantly assign to focus engine by your whole fleet.

Discovering the ship, then capturing that moment when you see it, move your attention from the battle and start clicking every visible ship and switching the focus on them.

It's like you are trying to scratch your left ear with your right hand.
In the first BFG it was less annoying because you had the limited "slowmo" mechanic, here it's just annoying.

Also allow to rebind mouse scroll wheel to be able to pan the camera instead of rotating, that way you can completely get rid of WASD camera movement and set camera rotation to a keyboard key.

While we are on QOL topic, where are the team communication options?
"Attack here" ping?
"Defend this" ping?
"Retreat!" ping?
Not even mentioning VOIP, just simple call outs something like "Apex Legends" has pulled off, even though it's a BR game and completely different, the ping system there is amazing.
Voice to text, text to voice, and hellatons of comfortable ping options.

Thank you for your time, have a nice week.