Is the Apocalypse a secretly good IN battleship?

I was just looking through the Fleet in the campaign construction menu and noticed the Overload Lances trait on the Apocalypse battleship would push its lance range out to about 22.5 k.

Considering that the IN is pretty lance poor, this might be a valuable lance ship to have. I know the Retribution is probably the obvious pick here, but has anyone experimented with the Apocalypse?

you want lances as turrets/prow weapons and macros in batteries for the navy (lances are usefull to avoid getting endlessly juked by escorts). it has no spurs, barely any broadside damage and nova<torps. retribution is a better pick.

No apoc is not good. Too low damages, forced to stay in focus fire to have enough range, 300pts for a sniping\crit ship is too much and 1 nova is useless. Also retri have 3 base 18k range lance turrets. The only build i see with apoc is with mars as support but i am not sure it is viable