Played First Round - Thoughts

*Saw a few floating bots

*When I used my mouse wheel to select Incendiary it selected smoke, even though the Incendiary line was highlighted.

*When the round finished my Experience Gained showed as -703,180, guessing a calculation bug.

Will keep playing and post more...

Hey @c0verfire_oc

Thanks for the feedback, it has been passed on to the dev team! 🙂

@c0verfire_oc The negative experience would happen since I think the CTE is actually just a remodeled CTA, so if you played the CTA quite a bit (like I did with 88 hours in 11 days; fucked, I know lol) you get negative XP on your first game to wipe your stats.

Also, you were level 46 when this happened so you must've played the CTA.