Tau Merchant and the nerf they do not need.

In the upcoming patch, the Tau Merchant is receiving a significant nerf in the form of crippling one of their only viable non auxiliary ships, the Explorer/Goliath Vash'ya. The ship is having its firing arc reduced by 90, its range cut in half and its firepower reduced by 35%; however, remains at the same price point. The Tau Merchant fleet relies on the Goliath Vash'ya as their best support ship, and this ship allows the Tau Merchant to do something that no other fleet in the game does, have a meta mixed fleet. This ship allows the Merchant Tau to take auxiliary ships, not have to rely on spam or cheese, and have an interesting general fleet. I have found much success getting to rank 2 of Tau Merchant, and 60 of overall ranking using a mixed fleet of a warsphere, a stronghold, and two vash'yas. I am puzzled by the choice to nerf the Tau Merchant in the first place because they are by no means an overpowered or oppressive faction. Tau Merchant has only recently gotten a player in the top 20 of the leader board. This nerf is unnecessary for the Tau Merchant, and is going to severely hurt the faction when it launches due to how weak the rest of the ships the faction has are. The thing I find most annoying is that this change was not fully shown in the patch notes so it could have been easily missed. The Tau Merchant do not need a nerf, and the Goliath Vash'ya is not an oppressive ship. Please reconsider this change for the greater good.

Looks like the TLDR is...
One of the railgun weapon systems on the Goliath Vash'ya is getting nerfed from 9 DPS at 18000 range w/ 360 arc to 6 DPS at 9000 range w/ 270 arc.