Patch Two is live!


Greetings Admirals,

We’re happy to release our second update for Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 today!

This new patch features various balance changes and bug fixes, including a rework of the boarding mechanics based on your feedback, various balancing tweaks, and stability improvements to the campaign co-op mode. Please find more details in our Beta news.

Thanks to everyone who tried this update in our Beta branch and posted their feedback. The changes are now live in the official version of the game. Please continue to share your suggestions and report technical issues - we carefully read our Steam community hub and official forum. You can also join our Discord to meet fellow players and get the latest news from the team:

As the team works hard on improving the game with features and balancing based on your reports, you can find more info about our long term plans here.

We’ve also seen the feedback that some of you miss the persistent fleets from the first game. We wanted you to know that it’s been noted on our side. We’ll be looking at what could be done to improve that aspect and keep you updated in future posts.

Change log Patch 2 Battlefleet Gothic Armada II

New feature/Retakes

  • The boarding mechanic, a core feature of the game, has been reworked.
  • Improvement and rework of the reinforcement feature. It now gives more control over the way fleets are deployed in campaign mode. Allows the player to choose which ship will be deployed just before mission launch and reinforcement flow
  • Rework of the deploy feature in multiplayer (skills and upgrades can now be picked in deploy mode)
  • 2v2 mode fleet capacity is now 1000 points by default
  • Rework of the warp risk GUI: different display if the warp risk is new or older in the GUI score screen + display of the warp on ships in campaign
  • Added a security step for the client’s disconnection during the AI turn in campaign
  • Updated escort ship limitation number in multiplayer: 1/LC, 2/C - BC, 3/GC - BS + add a function to retrieve unit cost without getting all the body part from the unit
  • Added tutorial tip on how to switch between galaxy and sector view (All campaigns)
  • Clicking on an objective now centers the camera on the concerned system
  • Added the upgradable POI number of each sector in galaxy view
  • Added feedback when trying to buy a leader without enough fleet value available
  • Added a “Retreat” skill on all ships that forces the ship to leave the battlefield by the closest edge. Counts as a classic disengage regarding score


  • Spore Field skill radius increased from 1650 to 2000
  • Pressure Spines upgrade now applies to all spore fields
  • Necrons now regen 1 crew every 60 seconds up to the actual step limit, linked to Reactive Hull
  • All Addmech ships now have exceptional accuracy
  • Maximum accumulated fire number on a ship increased from 4 to 10
  • Overcharged Lances trait now gives +9000 range instead of +4500
  • Space Marines’ boarding torpedoes cost has been upgraded
  • Adeptus Mechanicus lances damage increased by 50%
  • Pulsar damage increased from 30 to 35
  • Tyranid escort cost has been reduced
  • Heavy Rail Guns’ angle reduced from 270 to 90
  • Blood Letter Parties now apply 10 boarding charges with a 120 second cooldown
  • Craftworld torpedoes’ loads reduced from 3 to 1
  • Armour piercing is now a flat reduction of 25 points instead of an armour set to 50 points
  • Armour Piercing ammunition armour reduction improved from -10 to -15
  • Canticle of Omnissiah: boosts by X maneuver gauge/Boost by X Shield
  • Commissar skill: Boost by X Morale/Boost by X maneuver gauge/Boost by X Shield
  • Add an alternative skill to Adeptus Mechanicus ships on 1 charge skill Eye of the Omnissiah
  • Feeder Tentacle skill now has various boarding values depending on the ship's tonnage
  • Boarding critical now deals 1 damage, whatever the ship’s tonnage is. (the critical probability depends on the ship’s tonnage)
  • Triggering the order "Call to Arms" disables the stances for its duration only, then the current stance is re-applied after the end of its effect.
  • Imperial Admirals now have the "Summary Execution" order.
  • Space Marines torpedoes price has been increased from 1.5 to 2.5 points per barrel.
  • "Honour the Chapter" order has been removed from escort ships.
  • "Pulsars" weaponries cost has been decreased.
  • "Falling Moon" Drukhari Battleship cost has been increased to 350 points.
  • "Impaler" ordnances health points have been increased from 10 to 12.
  • The tyranid skill, "Reclamation Pool" now costs 3 crew per charge instead of 1.
  • "Rush" distance has been reduced from 5k units to 4K units.
  • "Goff'Ardboyz" upgrade critical assault chances are increased from +5% to +10%.
  • "Sneaky Lootas" upgrade buff damages are raised from 5 damages per assault action to 20 damages.
  • Wych Cult upgrade critical chances are raised from +10% to +20%.

Co-op mode
Some progress has been made on the Coop mode. Please note that the co-op mode will be the main focus of Patch 3.

  • Fixed the stop co-op button that was kicking the host to the main menu
  • Fixed the score screen that wasn’t displaying when the client reconnects after a game
  • Fixed the guest camera that wasn’t focusing a system under attack just after a battle
  • Fixed players being stuck at the end of their second battle
  • Fixed upgrade button animation for the client
  • Fixed some elements of the client UI
  • Updated co-op achievements
  • Fixed several crashes in co-op
  • Updated game over screen
  • Removed the reload button for the client
  • Fixed background faction cinematics
  • Added a protection against a crash for null body part
  • Fixed the blocked connection panel that now disappears if the client connection fails
  • Fixed data representing Seglei that wasn’t changing ship client-side in the Necron mission The Prize
  • Fixed the guest that couldn’t see which general was the main hero during campaign battles
  • Fixed the bug that was allowing skill cancellation if the ship possession changed when a player was about to launch a skill
  • Fixed client being disconnected ingame, server should not considered the game as lost anymore
  • Fixed the white squares on the faction icons

General Fixes
1/ Campaign fixes :

  • Fixed an error that wasn’t granting campaign effects to ships
  • Fixed fleet selection panel (pre-engagement) that wasn’t working properly if the player was opening a new one without launching a battle
  • Protection added on the Blackstone shoot trigger if this one is not destroyed during the shot in the mission Star Makers
  • Fixed a bug that created a defeat when one of the player’s flagships was destroyed in the mission The Stronghold
  • Fixed the absence of an objective when introducing the Ancient One (informing the player that it must not die) in the mission Last Gasp
  • Fixed a bug that was displaying an empty map when launching a campaign introduction mission with the skill selection feature
  • Fixed a bug that was displaying the reinforcement ships over the map when selected
  • Fixed Ancestral Genome Panel display
  • Improved mine visual on the campaign map
  • Fixed incorrect display of upgrades in fleet viewer when above 12
  • Fixed the Space Station’s name (Magnis Dominum) in the Tyranid mission The Flesh Is Weak
  • Fixed the achievement “Natural Selection” that couldn’t be unlocked
  • Fixed the Tyranids crash on Belis Corona
  • Fixed the position of the fleets obtained as reward. Can’t spawn in a locked or hidden sector anymore
  • Fixed a crash linked to the achievement of an objective, where the player loses Spire’s fleet
  • Fixed a bug that was allowing the player to save a game during the enemy’s turn
  • Fixed the achievement “The End of an Immortal Race” that couldn’t be unlocked at the end of the mission “Protector Of The Seventh Path”
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the player to deploy their ship in the monuments areas in the mission Chosen of Abaddon (Nurgle)
  • Fixed a bug that was hiding objectives if some of them were already completed
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the ship hull value to update when repairing this ship in the Ship Viewer (campaign)
  • Fixed a text that was not translated in the mission Protector of the seventh path / Imperial Truth
  • Fixed an error of cinematic trigger in the mission Apostle of Destruction, if the Vengeful Spirit is destroyed during a dialogue
  • Fixed the Death Guards Admiral ship that had no name
  • Fixed the Space Station’s name that didn’t match with the name presented in the dialogue
  • Fixed an incorrect mission name (The prize Part 2 > 1) in the mission summary
  • Fixed the fleet power value that was able to show a number of 0 and was creating blocking situations
  • Fixed the Imperial Pirates’ ships’ names that were not translated
  • Fixed an error of warp risk display if there were several of them
  • Fixed an incorrect reward description of the Imperial Truth mission objective
  • Fixed a wrong name feedbacked when clicking on the F5 input (auto-save > quicksave)
  • Fixed POI bonuses in the Necron campaign giving battleplans
  • Fixed the Disengage skill for AI that should now be launched during scripted missions
  • Fixed the bug that was blocking the camera movement in the sector/galaxy view when an on-map element was selected
  • Fixed a bug that prevented an objective validation when the player had to execute a Lightning Strike on the Phalanx with Trazyn during the Necron mission The Stronghold
  • Fixed a bug that didn’t display Turrets/Space Stations on enemy systems in the system overview
  • Fixed the Biomass reward icons
  • Fixed a bug that was activating the Plasmic Medusae event instead of the Plasma Storm when the player finishes the mission Slip Through the Net
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some rewards to be properly displayed in the renown panel
  • Fixed the fleet creation button that was appearing when the player was moving a fleet on a possessed system
  • Fixed the objective Flesh is Weak that didn’t unlock the environmental effect Giant Asteroid
  • Fixed the bug that was allowing player to select a system during the AI turn.
  • Fixed the Repair Troops replacement values in the Game Help

2/ Battle fixes

  • Fixed ships disengaging on the edge of the map (retreat) that weren’t taking warp risks
  • Fixed the revoke button on the flag ship that wasn’t displayed in the Fleet builder (multiplayer)
  • Fixed criticals calculation system on Runic Targeted Node
  • Fixed Tooltip on the Boarding skill
  • Fixed the Sooper Zzaps that wasn’t giving a 50% chance to avoid the holofield
  • Added a ping button on the minimap
  • Updated skin on speed buttons
  • Updated the ship overlay: boarding widget + reworked stance/fire graphics
  • Added a blood FX for Tyranids’ collisions
  • Updated: thicker Dark Eldar missile trail
  • Added cast FX to Augur Disrupt skill
  • Improvements to Chaos macro FX
  • Added trail to Tyranids’ ordnance
  • Added new FX for Ork Plasma Bomb
  • Improved feedback for ship part criticals
  • Improved highlight on stealthed ships when hovering over it with mouse
  • Fixed light macrocannon that was using heavy macrocannon impact explosion FX
  • Reduced size of Defence Platform minimap symbol
  • Selected skills and upgrades are now still selected after a battle
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the player to change his own skills and upgrades by selecting enemy skills and upgrades in the battle menu
  • Fixed the Holo/Shadow FX that wasn’t disappearing before a Microwarp Jump
  • Fixed a bug causing maneuvers buttons to be disabled for no reason
  • The achievement "Survival of the Fittest" can now be unlocked
  • Added new skills icons for Chaos, Imperium and Tyranids
  • Adrenal Glands skill
  • Fixed Necron Boarding skill FX
  • Fixed repair troop FX over time
  • Fixed a bug that hid the Call to Arms stance icon while it’s still active
  • Fixed the dust FX in the medium/large asteroid fields that were not centered
  • Fixed a bug that was switching enemy stealth ships into bleeps when the player was taking back control of a Drifting Hulk
  • Added FX to Dolmen Gate skill
  • 2v2 Capitulation now asks for confirmation from the 2nd player
  • Fixed the Elo gain that was displayed on the scorescreen after a 2v2 game
  • Fixed the Ork upgrade Ded Big Gunz that wasn’t working for some weapons
  • Fixed the Spore Field range circle that was the wrong size
  • Fixed Tyranids’ macro weapons accuracy
  • Fixed the Call to arms button on ally
  • Fixed the AI Tau faction that can now select a Warefare
  • Fixed the auto-engagement that now is priority before Retreat
  • Fixed the Overload lances attribute tooltip.
  • Fixed the bomb range GUI that wasn’t displayed around ships.
  • Fixed the Micro Warp Jump skill that wasn’t displaying the ship ghost (feedbacking the new position).
  • Fixed the Power Ram upgrade.
  • Fixed the 2v2 vs AI game launch issue.

3/ Structure fixes

  • Added a security check validating the name when a new save is made
  • Fixed the right click (on an enemy ship) Sound FX that wasn’t influenced by any of the audio settings
  • Fixed the phantom lance attribute that now works on Tracking Sense instead of Lock On
  • Fixed a bug that was granting invulnerability to Tau ships (guest player side) when canceling a Warp Out at the last moment + the warp out FX was displayed indefinitely

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@chaton Hey there is a change not mentioned in the patch notes, and that is the Goliath Vash'ya's Double Barrel Super Heavy Rail-Gun turret change. Was this a mistake or a problem that was patched earlier but not mentioned?

Was the change in point values to Macaggre's Honor in the Imperium campaign intentional? I didn't see it in the patch notes. It was around 600 but now appears to be about 1100. Seems significantly overvalued if so, given that it really only has the firepower of 2 battleships.

Is there a way to change/upgrade the ship of your battlefleet's leader ? For instance the Group with Cambrius in it has 2 Arks and 1 Light Cruiser, with the light cruiser being Cambriu's ship and unless i have him killed intentionally, i can't upgrade/change that light cruiser into anything else, same problem with Spire, but if i have him killed, i lose the campaign

First of all thanks a ton for putting out such a great game! You really did an awesome job creating this game especially one in the 40k universe that is more than just another pile of code licensed by GW. It really shows that you guys put a lot of effort, passion and love into the development and improvement of the game and the latest patch shows that you actually care about the community and the players which is rare in modern times of gaming and sets you apart from other studios, so thanks again and please keep up the good work!
I want to use this post to adress some issues concerning the latest patch and the impact on the metagame as I experience/see it, if this is the wrong thread, please move this post to where it is applicable.

I am an orc player and thusfar maybe biased when it comes to short range fighting because thats what orcs are all about, getting close and personal, right? While some people really seem to appreciate the "nerf" to boarding (I put the term in quotes, since it doesnt feel like boarding became weaker but more on that below) and others complain about Space Marines "beeing useless now" the overall consequences fall short in my opinion.
I think the best way for me to explain the issue is by using my most succesful fleet as an example.
It consists of: BS Deadnot OrdzGargDaka 3x Big Roks and 3x Escorts (I vary sometimes with the escorts but mostly I stick to the onslaughts since they are tankier than brutes).
I played it with the kommando training and shockin zzapp perks and stasis bomb + traktor beam as skills.
It should be obvious that my fleet lacks one major attribute which is essential to survive and dish out damage, which is speed, BUT (and thats what I love about this game) it was still possible to dominate the majority of my foes by outplaying them with strategic decissions. As soon as I would catch up on the enemy fleet there was almost no escape from teh Dakka, meaning my playstyle was the opposite of kiting, it was more about luring, deceiving and ambushing an unexpecting foe by getting into short weapons range and staying (!) in it.
The lack of speed was evened out by the superior firepower of the orc ships in close range, which made them quite uniqe compared to any other race. The Stasis bomb worked as a trap for torpedos and squadrons as well as a barricade which I used as cover and in combination with the trakktor beam and the slow from the shoking zzapp to close the gap which proved very efficent if done right. I still lost a fair amount of games to the Eldar and Space Marines, to the prior due to the excessive kiting and the latter due to the instant scuttling, but every fleet has a weakness and I accepted that there will be some strategies which are just superior to mine.
Now, some of you might think "So what? nothing changed about the ships and skills you mentioned and even the Eldar and SM are nerfed now". True, but the meta shifted even further to squadron and torpedo spaming (it was a problem before the patch already and is even worse now) and away from close range combat. As mentioned before, orcs have a significant disadvantage due to their lack of fast ships and the Big Red Button is more for ramming enemy ships, evading bombs and ramming from the enemy, meaning it already takes a lot longer to conquer points if you dont want to get identified. Because if you do, there will be even more spam. The only way I see to deal with squadrons is by spamming them yourself (and ironically becoming a part of the problem) because if you have less bays than your enemy, he will come out on top sooner or later, since you cant even micro manage them, he just throws them at you until your bays are empty and than the bombing starts.
Of course, you can switch to brace for impact, stick together and sacrifice one or two stasis bombs to catch a few torpedos or squadrons, but this still only prolongs the inevitable.
Pre patch I would still survive long enough to catch up with the enemy fleet, most of the time even when Ive lost a rok or two on the way, but now it becomes almost impossible. The boarding now requires immediate response by activating the call to arms, which means even LESS speed for my already slow fleet and less attack speed, which is vital to slow down the enemy with my zzapp, my ships practically become a drifting (at 50% speed) hulk after the first boarding action. The second thing that makes the boarding so dangerous for orcs is the fire due to critical damage (and every good admiral who focuses on boarding, takes a perk to increase crit damage as well). I mean the switch from 4 possible fires to 10 is an icrease of 150% and orc ships already have the looted ship penalty which makes fires twice as dangerous for them, so go figure what this change means to orcs alone. Further an untreated fire does not only damage the health of the ship severly but also adds another peril to the list, the morale loss. Again, orcs have a natural penalty for morale due to the disorganized attribute and guess what, all the beforementioned countermessures share the same cooldown! So basically a game goes like this now: The enemy reaches the middle of the map/or 3 capture points before I do, mostly because of the speed disadvantage on my side, so far so good, nothing new. In the best case I stay hidden with my kommando skill, evade a probe or a scouting squadron and reach the fighting zone without being detected. Now the enemy however is waiting far behind and only has a few escorts at the front line to capture the points and as soon as I make a move or he becomes suspicious I get pinged and hell breaks lose. Normally I would charge as far and fast onto them but now, they sit in the first third of their side and start the squadrons. So far, this is just business as usual but the major difference now is, that I wont catch up with them before all my ships are burning and have 15-20 troop damage incoming which I cant treat since I have to extinguish the fires, which is pointless because if you have 15 troop damage on a ship with a 10% crit chance theres gonna be a lot more fire soon and if the ship doesnt burn out before all troops are dead (fire kills troops as well) theres gonna be a mutinity faster than you are a able to spell the word.

In conclusion: It appears to me, that the current meta is all about kiting and hit and run tactics while spamming as much as possible. There are not enough ways to counter squadron spam by not participating in it yourself, only the necrons with their starpulse have the privilege to hold an effective counter messure. The boarding is even stronger now, measured over time, since the penaltys of ignoring it are even more severe now due to the increased danger of fire on board. Another thing concerning fire effects is the fact that ramming might inflict fire on your ship as well, so on top of everything I mentioned before, this makes a playstyle of close range combat ever more inferior. I am aware, that there will always be a strategy which is less efficient than others but so far it feels like there is no purpose in getting close to the enemy anymore and that renders every ship with a spur or thick armor kind of obsolete, even the Tyranids, which I used to play similar to the orcs before, seem to rely on kiting now (at least the ones I encountered so far since the update). However, I feel it should be honoured more to bring a knife (or a Rok haha) to a gunfight especially if said fight takes place in space in the grimdark future!
My suggestions concerning the balance are the following:

For orc alone:

  • nerf the severity of fire effects/make some ships (like roks/big roks/mega roks) immune to fire -> this would shift the focus more onto the flagship (which can still burn) and open up a greater need to engage or deal with orcs directly instead of just outrunning them
    *buff the speed of ships (so far the weakest escort (200hp) is the fastest (200speed) which makes fighting and scouting without losing the ship one way or another impossible)

In general:

  • add more countermeasures to squadrons, either as a standard skill on ships like starpuls, or as a perk/command skill

  • limit the detection range of squadrons (right now you can almost "scan" the whole map by just sending 5-6 next to each other in the direction of the enemy, which is almost as efficient as the augur probe)

  • make the flagship able to equip adaptive skills like launchbays or long/short range weapons at the start of battle just like the perks (which is an awesome improvement to the game now, on a side note!)

  • implement a veto function to enable the player to choose one race (or more) which he cant be matched with -> this would automatically lead to the decline of abusing/exploiting imbalanced tactics and would give you more time to look into any balance issues

  • make close range combat great again! -> the game is only half the fun, if only half the ships are useful

PS: If anyone has any improvements or tactics relating to the green skins to share, I am happy to hear about em!

@takt thank you, i never used that preview window, makes sense now


Great post! I do not play as Orks, but your general suggestions I think really hit the nail on the head.

I am a Tyranid player (I know, everyone hates me etc) and I love this game for all of the variety that it allows with each and every match-up. So much love and attention has gone into the game and it is really a lot of fun to play.

You were correct when you talked about the shift in the meta. There is now a really huge focus on squadrons. I recently played a match that is very similar to what you described: hiding in the back and launching so many fighters. Yes, brace for impact and stay close, and then call to arms....but I don't want to do that every single fight, right? a little repetitive! So what do I do? I build fleets with much more fighter capacity! And even MORE capacity than my opponent! Like you said, I have now become part of the problem, because when I play the fleets I want to play, I invariably will loose if facing the carrier fleets.

I like your idea of some sort of counters to squadron spamming...turrets are ok, but I feel like if you send a squadron of fighters to one capital ship (line ship) with full turrets, the fighters should really be torn up badly, and I think that turrets should be a little more resistant to fighter attacks. Perks or skills could be nice, although I don't want it to be that everyone gets a necron starpulse. Each race has a flavor and I want them to each feel unique.

Detection range of squadrons, yes, I think a reduction is in order. Having said that, I would increase their engagement range: meaning that if another fighter squadron flies by them, they move to engage (i've had fighters and torpedoes pass by my squadrons very closely without intercepting). Half the detection range, but increase their engagement range to whatever they can spot (maybe even including enemy ships?).

Veto...I'm not sold on this, only because part of the fun is that variety. As a Tyranid player, I always groan when I see I'm going to face a Dark Eldar...but I fist-pump when I am about to play against Imperial Navy! We all have strengths and weaknesses, and now that we can adjust skills before a battle, I'm ok with whatever match-up I get.

I agree that close range should be the 'danger zone'! I'd like to see each race deal with this differently, but that's a different topic all together. Boarding craft from afar should be much weaker, I think, than a close range boarding action, or else we all devolve into carrier fleets for boarding (in Tyranid fleets especially). I don't know...I like the idea of carrier fleets too, but it's such an extreme and specialized type of ship that it should have stronger drawbacks too. I do like that they have charges now, but it doesn't quite seem like enough.

In any case, great post. Love this game, hope to see you online!

P.S. - I just played an ork fleet that had some amazing front kannons that tore through my ships at range...they were evaporating my battlecruisers! I think they were dual kannons and they had the increased accuracy stance on. OUCH!