BattlePlans - Tweaking general skills+upgrades


So as I played through the campaign I noticed a high amount of battleplans and not much to do with them other than push any invasions or urgency back turns whats helpful and all but at late game they are mostly useless what in turn brought on this idea.
I had seen people getting a little annoyed that generals skills+upgrades are all RNG this didn't bother me so much. I did think it would be a nice addition to add-in being able to change these only once per-General with battleplans. I could see Skills costing between 4-6 each and upgrades 5-8.

Being able to do this would make our fleets alot more defined in how they are going to be played at middle to late campaign as this is around the time you start gaining high amounts of battleplans. At the start it makes sense you need to deal with what you get handed.

Thanks any ideas on making this more suited are welcome o7

yeah..... the RNG aspect and the long wait times before getting new admirals is becoming a real ball buster.... The battle plan idea of the devs is ok. But i wish we could do more with it.