Not sure where to put this, but Thanks, Devs!

I loved the original Battlefleet Gothic, and was really looking forward to the sequel. I dove right in and it has been wonderful! Seeing all the different factions in play is great, and the game still captures the fun of these fleet battles.

But my favorite part is that the Devs have been so responsive.

No game is perfect, and I've got a whole list of game systems to give feedback on, but I'll give those their own posts. The most important thing to me is that there is a community around this game and that Devs have shown that they are listening to player feedback, and are willing to make bold choices and big changes to effect that feedback.

Keep up the good work!

Hey @Maxnwil,

Thanks so much for the kind words! We do our best to quickly respond to player feedback, and we look forward to hearing yours!

@jellyfoosh as critical of you guys I have been over the handling of necronbalance, you wrote a great story and have responded courteously to much of our comments, so you can pass on my thanks for that. Keep up the great work!

I really do hope you keep up the great work dev team.

Please pardon all the criticism I may dish out in your direction overall, but the stunt you have pulled with the 2 year long absolute silence and the first game in tatters has left me (as well as much of the community) quite scarred.

Please do not repeat the same mistake and maintain such great communication and responsiveness until the game is polished out to the state it deserves.

Also a huge thanks to the Devs. This game is assymetric and really hard ot balance and you are doing a great job!

Plus you have really talented sculptors.

I hope that a Chaos campaign will come sooner or later 🙂