Some more work on Insurgency2

Hello NWI

Insurgency2 is a real masterpice, its a shame that you guys decided to leave it behind enven tough it still has a decent player count, since you guys are going to expand the team it could be a nice thing to finish the old Insurgency.

We don't need new maps, weapons or balance changes, just some bug fixes that can be frustrating and annoying. You guys could just get a fraction of like 3 devs that kills off the remaining bugs.

probably not going to happen, there's so much to do in Sandstorm still that I'd bet they'll all be on that for a while to come.

@ne3zy ins2 just has some bugs that should be fixed, like the nightvision getting weird, weapon not visible, scope inside the head, bypod stair peaking (head not even visible) some minor hit registration problems and so on, its not fine and it doesnt need a full team to fix this, come on a few people can fix this stuff.

@zayzek I played insurgency for so much hours and I find it fine as it is

@zayzek Eh, Insurgency has been officially discontinued since 2018 (maybe 2017). Day of Infamy hasn't been discontinued to my knowledge but it hasn't been updated in ages.

Last hotfix was on 2017 which was 3 years since launch insurgency2 is good now