No Servers on server browser.

A friend of mine is having an issue with the server browser, none show on his server list!
we have tried opening ports, changing filters, disabling the windows firewall and nothing.
he is able to join us if we use the matchmaking system and is in the same squad, but since the squad system does not work with community servers we are unable to play with him on those since he cannot see any server at all.

at this point we are out of options.
if anyone has any ideas as to what might be causing the issue and how to solve it we would be forever grateful.

thank you

Bump, no solution here?
also, trying to join server through IP asks for a password. what? Come on devs this is killing us....
maybe if you also fixed the error of squad members not joining community servers along with squad leaders...
please for the love of god all i am asking if for a solution to play the game we paid for!!!!