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We’d like to extend a huge thanks to those who continue to support Call of Cthulhu and give us feedback since the release.

Today, we’ve just rolled out a new patch that includes some new features and bug fixes. Please find the full change log below.


Change log

PC improvements

  • Added the possibility to validate dialogue options with the interaction key
  • Added the possibility to interact with puzzles with the arrow keys

PC Bug fixes

  • All options are correctly shown in the Options menu
  • Fixed some issues with 21:9 resolutions

PC Localization

  • Added Japanese and Korean support

Improvements on all platforms

  • Removed the mention of "Character Points" when hovering over Medicine and Occult skills after chapter 1

Bug fixes on all platforms

  • Adjusted some SFX throughout the game
  • Chapter 8: Fixed an issue where Algernon doesn't aim at the player correctly
  • Chapter 9: Fixed an issue where Sarah would be standing instead of lying down in a key dialogue
  • Chapter 9: Fixed an issue where players could get stuck while interacting with the bust in Sarah's office
  • Chapter 12: Fixed an issue where Mitchell's state would be changed after giving the medkit to Cat

PS4 Localization

  • Added Korean support

The Call of Cthulhu Team