the grenades are total BS!

how tf do you avoid grenades? I have some of the best headphones you can buy. And when i hear the grenade fall by me, i run like Hell to the freaking next building and i STILL die from the thing. WTF?

The grenades can be cooked, and if done well it is indeed very hard to get away.
Going prone improves your chances, unless you're too close of course.

they actually nerfed them compared to ins2, it's fine as it is.
However they could buff rpgs and c4 killing range

@ne3zy They could buff it, but I'd rather they didn't. Explosive spam was bad enough in Ins2. Having a large explosion radius when you can now carry multiple rockets would break the game.

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@cyoce no it wouldn't break it
actually I think right now frags and rpg have same radius, maybe even frag is larger
just today I survived 2 rpg hits with no armor when I deserved to die

I feel like frags currently have a larger blast radius than RPGs. I'm totally fine with that since grenades are designed to have a wide fragmentation pattern and the RPG is not.