So you think a couple new guns and a firing range will change the game?

Im gonna bet my new PC that this update wont do chit as far as player base goes. Yeah, a few will come check out the update. But its guaranteed itll drop again by the end of the week. These game companies dont have a freaking clue into what it takes to gain and maintain players...not a clue. EA, Bethesda, Blizzard...all the same
-Firing range...blah
-few new guns....blah

Oh, and when you give too much criticism they just ban you from their forums. That's the 2018-19 way...Censorship.

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Change the game, no.

But hopefully it'll include some fixes and improvements on the long-running issues.

Keep an open mind I guess.

You’re comparing large companies with tiny NWI mate... They know about performance problems, and it’s really hard to solve that. Comparing to beta, my fps counter in game shows much higher numbers right now. So devs make a small steps forward and I think closer to console release we will get most stable version of the game. Just wait. Can’t wait for this new update with TDM.

I think that your words are too hard.
NWI is a small Team working hard on this title and they do listen to their community. More than other bigger companies do.

Give them just some time and you will see they will fix and optimize as good as they can.
The community manager said that they will support the game with new content ( maps / weapons ) and do the optimization and bugfixing for some years ( i believe he said 3 years )
So be patient and enjoy the game as it is ! The game is much more fun than any Battlefield title in the past and World War 3 and even Insurgency2014.
If you think the game is too easy i propose to play on custom game servers where the bot count is much higher.

By the way many people are already working on old Insurgency2014 maps to make them work for Sandstorm building them with Unreal 4 engine.
As soon as we get new custom maps and weapon mods the more the game will be played. It´s just a matter of time.

With the next official update ( hopefully at the end of this week ) the "GPS guided Molotovs" will be eliminated which is one of the biggest problems ( concerning coop games ).
Also the jittering characters / bots should be fixed with this patch.
In addition we get votekick option for custom servers , so what else do you want ?

The game feels very intense and immersive. Without exaggeration i can say Insurgency Sandstorm is the best FPS game i have ever played on a PC !
And just for info, i played a lot of games until today. I am 47 years old and i play computergames since 1998 !
I admit that i mostly play coop mode but even versus games are fun.

In my PC there is a stone old Nvidia GTX 780 Ti graphics card and in most of the games i get 80-90 fps and the game feels butter smooth.
So i have no idea what your problems with the game are but i am sure there is nothing that cannot be fixed ( sooner or later ).

NWI you did an awsome job with Sandstorm !
Thumps up, keep up the excellent work !

Best regards,
Lightning Team GSG 9

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So OP you think that being disrespectful will get you somewhere?

If you can't give critisism in respectful manner then you deserve the ban.

You dont need to change the game in my opinion. What they need to do is to improve the game.

A lot of people still have issues with the performance. It runs okay now for me, but this is a issue for a lot of players. From my experience this is also sadly a typical UE4 Engine problem. The Engine does not have a great performance unless its Fortnite.

Apart from that they need to work on a better anti-cheat protection and refine some balancing aspects of the game. Especially map balance to prevent cheesing with explosives in or near the spawns.

They game also needs more content, which is something we are already getting.

Funny thing is that people want 100 fps in a game from 2018 on a PC from 1998... I have some minor problems with game stability but nothing that would make playing impossible like some people are saying...

My question to the OP is "Who claimed that new guns and a test range will change the game?". Here's a hint: The OP. No one else.

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"I had nothing to do with the game or its production which is why I judge your progress here today" - letsgochamp

Were you born 45?

Be thankful that NWI didnt bait and switch you like all the dev corps you mentioned.

Alex Jones is on Joe Rogan, that should keep you busy. The rest of us want to play a great game.

so many cry babies in this forum unbelievable
you're never happy, if you hate the game so much just leave
even if nwi makes an update that fixes everything tomorrow you'll still fin something to cry about