The major issues with this game (not performancewise) and suggestions for improvements


  1. First of all: Why is the healthpool increased from Classic Insurgency? I know you are trying to reach out to more people, but do as you've always done: Follow your own philosophy and trust others will follow it. 2 bullets with a G3 shouldn't be necessary - at least not from under 300 meters. This is my main issue with Sandstorm. Pls pls pls, don't make it less hardcore.
  2. SHOTGUNS ARE BROKEN. They are ruining the game and are a huge CoD factor. The range and damage is absurd. Especially considering armour. A G3 needs 2 bullets to kill through heavy armour, but a shotgun does the job from 50 meters..
  3. Sometimes when fast reloading with bullets left in the magazine the bolt still has to be cocked and released. Quite annoying way to die or let team mates die, when I've calculated that I can complete the reload just in time.
  4. Artillery and explosives can kill through walls.


  1. Time to aim down sights should increase with scope magnification.
  2. Add tip to loading screen "When securing an objective, don't stack up on others. Try to secure one entrance or angle each. And notice your team when you see a team member die, so that they are aware an entrance or angle has been opened to the enemy."
  3. Player rotation speed, both looking and ADS should be restricted to a max limit based on weapon handling / weight. If a players sensitivity is above max limit perhaps limit rotation to head / camera rotation, and let the weapon lag behind on a set value. Of course for low rotational speeds there should be minuscule to no lag.
  4. Add a "Hardcore" Coop mode with rules resembling Competitive: Fewer loadout points, no commander, etc.
  5. Force players to activate their mic once per round of Competitive play. For example "Your mic wasn't used for more than 3 seconds the previous round, thus you get a penalty of 1 less loadout point this round."
  6. Lower the healthpool ca 30% or at least add armour piercing ammunition, so you don't have to shoot people twice with 7.62mm ammo.

I love your games, your dev studio and it's philosophy. You are one of the very rare studios that seem to be very old school passionate without a corporate or greedy mentality. The current times are exciting and I hope you are focusing on deliberately staking out the right course in terms of minimising compromises and still reaching out to more people. Though I get some faith from you AMA answers, refusing certain content because it breaks the philosophy of the game. Keep up the good work, and remember that you have a very loyal fanbase as well as a new one. We are loyal because you stick to your philosophy. And thank you for yet another awesome game.



Critisism no2. See no problem here with shotguns. It would be the other guns being a bit weak in my opinion.

Suggestions no4. Really like this suggestion. Higher difficulties scares away all people who is rushing or make them change up their approach. It creates an environment where a more tactical approach is actually viable.
Suggestions no5. Forced mic activation would not work as intended - I understand your concern and that you want a solution, but ppl could just scream in mic a second every start of a round to circumvent that penalty.