BUG - Wrong shield and hull stats in ship selection

In the ship selection it stats 75 shield an hull for every ship of every faction! Does anyone else experience this bug?
0_1551301926711_ship selection.gif

I have this exact same issue.

When I build a fleet for any race, every single ship lists a hull and shield value of 75. In the skirmish their hull and shield values appear to be correct, but when picking ships the values shown in the lower left are always 75. The armor, boarding damage, etc. change based on ship... just not the shield and hull values.

I have the same behavior in the Imperial Navy campaign... when buying ships their hull and shield values are 75. But when reviewing ships in my fleets (full screen view of the individual ship) the hull and shield values appear correct.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game, and 'verified the integrity of game files' in Steam... and I still see the same thing. 75 across the board.

Yep, I have the same bug. Was thinking about new fleets today and I realized I couldn't see any of their shield or hull values...

This bug exists since the beta of this patch was released 2 weeks ago and was reported like a dozen of times. So I'm really wondering, why this still is not fixed...

@leonatos Most likely because whatever system they used to display those values before broke down because of an unrelated change.

This kind of failure usually indicates poor coding (and possibly old code and or turdcode)

The reason they didnt fix it is most likely because they chose to rewrite said system instead of beating a dead horse.