Something off my chest

To be honest, I do like the name changes. But why waste time changing this (as well as posting the extra A.W. certified workshop listings) rather than really fixing all the game's problems? I'm sure we are all aware of SpinTiresMod (made by god himself). We have to use this to work around the game. It shouldn't be that way. Most (if not all) of the features in this third-party software should be implemented into the base game. Especially for the people such as myself that mod this game.

These are all just my first hand opinions. A lot of people may agree with me, a lot may not.. Regardless, I think the developers could be doing a way better job. I really do enjoy modding this game. It has tons of potential.

Also, I am wondering, does anyone know if Pavel is still the lead developer for MudRunner? Has he moved back to Spintires: The Original Game?

At the risk of sounding like a condescending douche, read the forums here my dude. This topic has been discussed at length by veterans and novices alike in many other topics...

@mexican_420 🤔 very true, but also well worth reminding them though imo. we know MR is just a way point between the original game and what will hopefully be MR2. also Focus does listen a bit better than Oovee ever did, but yet there are still problems with the game that were not a problem before switching to MR. work on MR2 is needed and has to be done, so i can see there being more effort put into it instead of fixing something that may soon be replaced. it is just the idea to me that things could have been handled better and at least some of these smaller problems should have been taken care of by now. what problems one may ask? well i can only attest to the problems i have had, but others have been having their issues as well.

as we all know, only time will tell. 🤞🏽