Game Breaking bug: UNABLE TO FIND GAME

Legitimately anytime I try and join a match in the CTE, regardless of gamemode or region, It immediately flashes red at the top of the screen saying "UNABLE TO FIND GAME." I've reinstalled the CTE twice and verified the cache each time to no avail. It really stinks because I wan't to play around with the new guns but I can't even access the shooting range.

Has anyone got a fix for this?

(P.S. NWI pls add magnum revolvers to your game k thx bye)

Yeah the fix is very easy, just click on TUTORIALS in the main menu and then choose RANGE ( only available in the Community Test Environment ) and voila you can experiment on the shooting range with any available weapon.
And if you want to fight bots with the new weapons then just click on LOCAL PLAY in the main menu 😉
Online Matches are not available right now.

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