Commander and radio was a fun idea in Day of Infamy - it makes no sense here. Artillery strikes are not based on line of sight, it makes no sense and then he whips out binoculars? what year is it in Sandstorm?

Easy fix: Give the Commander an interactive TAC-MAP with a grid that ALL teammates can reference. This way, calling your commander for an an "AC130 on my position, grid G1 kepyad 6" - something. Anything but a set of binoculars and a radio that doesnt work past 20 feet...cmon guys.

Shotguns are fucking boss hoss and thank you for making their range more realistic.

Bugs are for PVE

Shotgun Bug 1
Equipping a TOZ as Security and picking up a TOZ from a fallen Terrorist glitches the weapon. It loads a perpetual tube full of shells but only allows 1 shot before it needs "reloading". The glitch seems to end when i find my original shotgun.

Shotgun Bug 2
I dont know if this was intentional but double tapping the fire button will rack the shotgun faster and shoot it faster.
-not a problem. However it gets stuck, literally. Its like it jams and you cant reload it and you cant fire it.

Shotgun disadvantage in PvP
Its so loud racking another shell that you should consider putting in at least 1 Auto-loader with a comparable ROF to the pumps, that way the ghouls that walk around with silencers arent completely OP'd when it comes to movement.

P.S. Team Death Match was glorious.