New Call to Arms being on the same CD as repair seems a bit...not good.

Losing crew seems to go even faster than it did pre patch, as if the crew casualties add up faster unless you use call to arms. The problem is now you have to use that CD to prevent your crew from dying and never get a chance to use repair.

Maybe that's intended, but it doesn't feel particularly good to me.

Honestly i don t even bother call to arms when boarded. Call to arms make you lose a lot and works only when you have a lot of stacks to mitigate. Unfortunately it means you have to keep the stance a long tome keeping your ship in low dps

My ships are getting wrecked by boarding actions much more now in Singleplayer. Has made it worse.

Does no one remember having a cruiser just disapear to massed boarding torpedoes?

Now sure, I don't bother when a ship just has a handful of stacks, but when the flagship suddenly gains 15 stacks I mash that fist without hesitation.

I dont find the new call to arms to be worth it no matter the amount of stacks, if ship has 18 stacks on it I know it will be lost, and its easier to recrew after the ship is scuttled. I rather keep the guns rolling and the ship functionally in the fight until the entire crew is dead, vs boarding fleets your crew count becomes your hp, and your job is to burn their through their fleet faster than they can overwhelm your forces, its dps vs dps, slowing the burn rate is pointless in 99 % of situations. Also the old call to arms gave you 1 extra crew, if you ran 5 ships that is an extra 5 hp of crew, without penality to your ship, so you could recrew, add a crew memeber at be at 2 strength, which was more solid, than what it is now. I feel it needs a tweak, putting the ship into call to arms is a cool idea, but needs to be more reason for it. Also I personally dont see a reason why we cannot recrew using boarding, imo if your close enough to recrew with a teleporter you should be able to swap for the boarding recrew, but that is a different discussion.

@realfinney that was fixed with the way boarding was reworked, not call to arms.