Why are Helicopters in "Push" disabled?

I cant see the fact that the helicopters arent avaiable anymore?!? It was a good and strategic way to slow down the enemy.

@zella Patch notes didn't say anything about it? It might just be on cooldown from the start so you can't use them immediately.

Hmm.. ive tried it in a few servers.. It wasnt even possible to bring them in and i know they have a cooldown. Could it be from the serverclient?

@zella I dunno, really.

Only Security has helicopters, although I'll assume you probably know that lmao. That's really the only thing I can think of. Maybe screenshot/record it and post it on the Forums.

I thought they were removing one of the choppers. I could have swore I was in a game and a chopper came. Though, I could be mistaken. Two back to back chopers was a powerful boost for taking a point.

@mlb7 It was a thing in the CTE, but not in the patch notes for the final update IIRC.

Ok i found out that the Helicopters are aviable when the Security is on Attack.