Ork Gunline Fleet: How viable is it?

So as a follow on the the Mega Kannon Artillery thread, this is my current list:

  • 1 Battleship: Deadnot Urdi Unki - Flagship
  • 4 Cruiser: Killa
  • 2 Light Cruiser: OrdzGarg Dakka
  • 8 Escort: Onslaught

I finally broke rank 10 and from the faction specific Perks 'Kommando Training' and 'Red Wunz Go Fasta' are immediate stand outs, what do people like?

I'm currently lurking around in Silver and Gold leagues, is this list going to become useless against more skillful admirals?

I think that what makes your fleet viable are Onslaughts. They are ridiculously good for their cost, and when amassed can wreck any ship, provided that they won't get rammed at it.

Your fleet looks solid. The only thing I slightly dislike is lack of zoning tools via torps or any protection from carriers. However you should obliterate anything if you've managed to catch it in stasis bubble and get within 4.5k. I'd say that anuver deck is almost mandatory for you, because without lock on your DPS will drop significantly and most people target decks vs orks.

Also I'd recommend moving the thread to the faction discussion board