Game crashes on team selection, or after clicking enter to get to the main menu / opening screen.

I have a fully patched Windows 10 PC, with a fully driver-updated RTX 2080. The game has run fine since I bought the card (last November). 2 weeks ago it started crashing shortly after launching. Sometimes I can make it to the team selection screen, and sometimes it crashes right I type "enter" to get to the main screen.

I have verified game file integrity, and deleted, re-downloaded, and re-installed the game. I have double checked that there are no firewall's in effect.

There has been one graphics driver update since this started happening, but that was a few days after the first crash.

I have also sent in about 20 of the automated-crash-report files, with full explanations just like this one. So far, no response or news, and I can't find anybody having the same issue.

Please advise!