Help with IKs

Ah, I’m on my phone so lighting looks a little different. Thanks force


I mean when I uv map my truck, and export it using axe I could never get the textures I put on it to show up in the editor. So I got kw from a friend not sure the version I can check(not at pc right now) and it worked all my textures showed properly. I use 3ds Max 2016. I would prefer to use axe as that’s what most people use and have success with, that’s why I am also wondering if kw is messing up this IK thing when I export, because I have no idea, I will see after I download your setup and compare to what I have. Although yours probably has the collision based axles? I may just have to set mine up that way too, I’m all for realism anyways.

I’ll take a screenshot of my axe export settings when I get to my pc, maybe I don’t have something checked.

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@terminatorx58 it was me that gave you the kW, lol. Any way with the textures i had that too.

Anyway, whats your kW settings? Thats what matter the most.

@terminatorx58, Look to see if you have the 'Materials' radio button checked.

Yes, plz post your settings.

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@terminatorx58 lol colision axles (cdt based suspension) aint that easy tho, lol, but is good to see that you're taking big steps for your second mod, it took me a while to figure them out almost on my own taking v12's setup as reference


Thats right risky.

Here are my KW settings. @tattoo I did not have materials button checked i guess its never been checked. That could be causing problems? Also i downloaded your suspension setup man, looks great has all the code and everything, should be super helpful! Stoked to check it out.

@forces oh yeah lol my terminology is off, im still learning yeah i just want to learn as much as i can but it will take a while with trial and error i understand and glad there is veteran guys like yall and a community like this that can and is willing to help, thanks for going out of yalls way to help me! @Forces @RiskyWisky @Tattoo @wrangmog

@terminatorx58, I meant the settings for Axe. Do you have that installed still?
You don't want to select the 'Export Materials" because it will copy the materials to where you export the .x file to.

@RiskyWisky, Where did you get KW from? I need a good version for Max 2017 and up. Can you give me a link, plz?

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I've been using axe with 3DSMAX 2018 since I started modding, and haven't had any issues that weren't a direct result of my own inexperience (like, as @Tattoo mentioned, forgetting to tick the UV Coords box). Axe also has some dedicated options for IK, so it might be worth trying it out instead of kWx...


Oh okay yes I still have axe installed. I will post my settings when I get back to my pc, hopefully it is something that simple.


Yes I’m gonna try axe again, hopefully it will sort this out with the ik too. I am inexperienced for sure, but I learn something new about every time I open max or mess with code and the editor

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@terminatorx58 on the bottom left corner have everything checked except export compress. Turn on export materials and turn off export animation but leave on the skinning option.

@Tattoo ill put a link when I get back on my computer, tho I’ll have to ask quazzy if he’s ok with it (since he’s the one that gave it to me)

@tattoo I believe the Kw exporter is in the description of one of stetsons YouTube video's, not sure tho....

Nvm, it was the Axe....

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Here are my axe settings looks like i have materials and animation checked. Im using version 2.2.5 as you can see, so i have wrong options checked thats messing up my export? (the materials being checked messing up uvmaps surely) but at the time i didnt even realize what materials were but i do know that now.

@riskywisky why would i want animation unchecked?

@Mexican_420 where are the dedicated options for IK? Is this the version you are using?

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3ds animation is difffernt than skinning. Skinning is what the game takes and 3ds max animation could confuse the game.

Sorry @terminatorx58 I was confusing the IK options in 3DSMAX with the obviously non-existent options in Axe...

@RiskyWisky gotcha

@Mexican_420 alright man no big deal

So uncheck materials and animation and everything else looks good?

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I use Alin DirectX Exporter. It's nice because it only exports things in the scene that are not hidden. Also there is no need to rotate anything. You can leave it all in it's designed position.


Yes, uncheck Animation, Weight Fix and Materials. Materials is only used when you have multiple materials on a single mesh. That's how it worked before v225, but in Max, you need to assign a material to each texture channel for the Material option to work otherwise you'd have a problem and the textures wouldn't show up.

What version of Max do you use? 2017? There was a problem with v225 and Max 2017. Mexican may remember what it was because he was having problems with it too. Autodesk changed something that screwed up the exporter so I went down to v222. I'd imagine they fixed it in 2018-19 but haven't tried v225 lately so can't say for sure.

Here's v222 if ya wanna try it. See if this works better. It should. You don't have to uninstall v225. You can have them both in there.

EDIT: You can read about the bug here. They say it's been fixed but you need to install service pack 3 for Max 2017.

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Just so y'all know, ive always had Export materials selected. Just as an FYI, the official modding guide by the devs also says to leave it on.

@riskywisky said in Help with IKs:

the official modding guide by the devs also says to leave it on.

I'd like to know where you seen this because when I read the guide, it said to use the KW exporter. Do you have a different guide than the rest of us? Or are you talking about the KW exporter?

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Its in the pdf attatched with the editor, they posted their settings.