Help with IKs

@riskywisky, So you're referring to the KW exporter?


What version do you use? Thats mostly how I do it too, export selected.


Thanks again man!! I’ll download that and have that on hand in case. I’m using 2016 version. I’ll be back at my PC tonight (armed to the teeth with all this new knowledge) and report back.

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So i get this error message when i boot up max after putting Axe222 in plugins folder. Im using 2016 like i said. Unchecked materials, animation, and weight fix in Axe225, all my textures still show up black in editor, still took my all black went to proving ground to test IK after double checking my IK code, still doing same thing. At this point it must be heirarchy (the way bones are linked and setup in max?)

i found this earlier today, same situation.

I also setup mine like he did in max and didnt work because he had his axles linked to framebone (Bonecrawler?) i could be wrong idk. Im still tweaking stuff trying to make it work. With all this time i got into i could have just followed rest of tattoos tutorial and go with cdts, but gonna be hard to replicate that in future mods when i cant even do it without cdts ugh


Also i never understood what you meant when you skin just the end of the coil to axle? The way it was worded i couldnt understand.

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@ Spun Thanks man

@Tattoo I did end up getting AXE to work so I don’t use Kw anymore.