Addressing current Imperial Navy deficiencies

@Fosil Nah I already started using dictators because the merch tau matchup was impossible without them and the guns really don't matter 99% of the time. I'll share the matchup bit of the doc I sent the devs if you want.

@BrohanBroski that would be interesting to read.

I am a bit surprised though, because you wrote before "IN does less than nothing to you outside of rams and torps." if you run with dictators, you have between 10-12 hangars, depending on how much escorts you want. that is a not unimportant amount of potential hull and troop damage.

The thing is, though your saying outside of ram torp, that is their bread and butter and because it is so, you can bring whatever other guns to bear you want, I run gothics, because its nice to snipe frigates with and towards the end of the game get the much needed crit on sub systems. Carriers are worth it for a fighter screen, if you refuse to swap to reload stance and go into brace, oridance doesn't touch you.And Macro cannon builds help with dps during the sustained fights vs orks and other Thicc boys. Im not sure how carrier fleets give you so much trouble after you can swap out skills, Reload stance, commisar, and ram / torp speed. for carriers close formation and spear for supporting turret fire. Frigates moving stealth on the flanks or rush a daunt ahead asap so you can get the MWJ off faster. Will see this weekend if I meet up with any of these impossible carrier fleets. I think IN need one thing and one thing only, super durable frigates, or make frigates cheaper so you can take more of them, and the only reason I say this is for more scanning in the Eldar fights, without making me need to drop too much dps for the rest of my fights. Hell or give me a LC that is pricy but has a ping

@canned_f3tus most of the chaos ship roster is imo not viable, but slaughter slaneesh is still very strong (I prefer the stance, abilites and shield dropping panic button to the other favors).

@fosil hopefully they fix it soon...

@Fosil I never actually tried full dictator as I imagined it would run into the same issues as the armageddon as you can only get 5 cruisers.

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Yeah I think IN is in a good spot in terms of power rankings. Really, the biggest problem with them is internal balancing. Some ships hulls are just straight inferior to others in its class and their cost doesn't reflect that. (Looking at you Oberon)

Really, I think Tindalos should actually do a complete overhaul of ship costs. Even better if they can get an even clearer view by usage rates. But yes, I feel that a lot of ship costs are out of line with their value. SM in particular have this issue.

I think I'll make a post about this in general actually but yes, I think IN competitively are perfectly fine.

@brohanbroski try MWJ exorcist and 4 dictators. imo if you go with carriers, go all-in on hangars. it gives you a lot of extra pressure if you are chasing and it should help against the fleet builds vanilla navy struggles with (nids, tau, lance and slaughter chaos, eldar and I suppose SM (maybe I have not seen any competent SM yet)). the ordnance often forces a boost against eldar, which you can exploit by MWJ into the boost direction. I do that all the time to punish torpedo runs with necrons.

@Fosil That doesn't even get a single escort?

@BrohanBroski you have enough points left for two cobras.