So, what is the future?

I feel bad for this game, it is fun, but...
In my opinion the game in its next update (if there will be one) have to further optimize the game - i am talking stable fps at all times (atleast 60), reduce the lag and make the game less sloppy overall. There is no need for new stuff when the game is performing poorly - get the game fixed, don't add new stuff - that is what needs to be done!
I assume that Focus Home are sponsors/investors so i assume that they are responsible for advertising (but seeing pretty much no ads makes me think that Vostok is controlling this (from the experience of Survarium)) and they need to start doing that! I understand that it all costs money and Focus is not very interested in using more money on a possible failure, but if they don't then the game is done. It is not for me to decide, but i think that posting 1 video on YT won't attract a ton of players. If there will be no ads - GG 😞
I hope that i can get an update here from you guys on what is happening now and the future that you are predicting for this game.

So, will any admin/dev reply to this?