RTX 2080 Poor performance...WORSE than GTX 1080 Ti.

Hello everyone,

I recently moved from 1080 Ti to RTX 2080...and my impressions on this game are not the best.

Unfortunaltely, i cannot test it, since i dont have the 1080 Ti anymore, but i feel like the RTX 2080 has way worse performance than the GTX 1080 Ti.

When i was using the 1080 Ti, i found the gameplay smooth and never had the need to reduce settings, the frames were always between 80-120fps. But now, with the RTX the gameplay isnt smooth at all and i can only get 60-90 fps most of the time. Above 100 fps is very rare.

I cannot test it. So i opened this topic to see if someone else has had the same experience as i am having...

Maybe if some DEV sees this, how are the RTX series doing in your testing?...


I also have an RTX 2080, run the game on Very High settings with no issues. Perhaps the problem for you lays elsewhere? (I have i7 8700k, 32GB RAM, SSD)

Well, poor performance compared with GTX 1080 Ti, not poor performance by itself.

I have the 8700K as well...I think the game is probably not optimized for the newer RTX cards...that would explain why GTX 1080 Ti runs it better.

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In this game, performance varies hugely depending on a lot of factors. I believe it's very likely that you experienced 80-120 fps in a server with few players (maybe Competitive). I encourage you to try competitive games, because the performance boost is huge compared to Push or other game modes with many players.

For me, the only way to have smooth gameplay is to play in servers with less than 12 players. I just tried on a 24 player server and it was unplayable.

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As far as i know the GTX 1080 Ti is almost the same in GPU performance with the RTX 2080 in Full-HD resolution ( 1920 x 1080 )
You did not improve your GPU power
To have better GPU performance you should have bought the RTX 2080 Ti which has much better GPU power + realtime Raytracing ( which is only used by Battlefield V at this moment )
Youtube Video

Youtube Video

I bet Sandstorms performance ( played with a GTX 1080 / RTX 2080 ) could be improved, but we all know that optimazition might take some time.

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