if nwi ever add any new maps, please port some of the maps from source to sandstorm. they don't even have to look good, im good if we can play on something like tell, market, heights, vertically, etc instead of hideout, farmhouse, refinery, and precinct over and over again

Well yes,

  • on one hand we urgently need new maps to keep the motivation high to continuosly play this game ( i also would love to see the "old" maps from Insurgency2014 as they are - unchanged )
  • on the other hand, the developers should focus on more important work like :
    - debugging
    - optimizing network code ( as characters still jitter when they move - which only happens in ONLINE multiplayer COOP and VERSUS games )
    - optimizing some settings like bot moving speeds ( coop ), which i still think are way too jumpy and quick.
    Sometimes i have the impression they move like olympia athletes in sprinting who don´t wear anything else than a very light shirt, shorts and sprinting shoes.
    Their speeds when running stairs up with weapons and equipment should be enourmously reduced, the settings right now are ridiculously unrealistic.
    The bots and characters speeds AND ABILITY TO SPRINT should be adjusted depending on walking up, down or on even surfaces !
    - optimizing weapon lethality : one, two or three shot kills - on torso / body center - depending on used caliber and the targets armour plate
    I still have the impression that some weapons are unbalanced, especially when firing on a target that does not use armour plate on his torso.
    - improving the server browser ( adding funktions like favourite game servers, being able to see the servers IP and name ingame ( there is no way to tell friends on which server you play right now ),
    following friends to the server on which they play, by one simple mouse click on "join game" inside steam Friends should URGENTLY be integrated.

I am sure we could get more high quality maps if the modding community would do the map ports.
What I don´t know yet is if modders already can implement their map content or if they need a special SDK from the devs of NWI to do so.
That would be my next wish for NWI to release that SDK. There are a lot of talented modders out there who are willing to spent hours and hours of hard work to deliver nice mods and maps for Insurgency:Sandstorm ( as we could see on the previous Insurgency2014 )

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