Post-Launch Roadmap

and I was Coming here to bitch about 10 ships not being "massive" Well, I can wait. 😛

On feed back if I may:

Miss the old mini-career mode, having to choose between ships which were destroyed was nice and challanging.

I was hoping for a grand campagin, so I'm pleased.

Not being able to select your opponents fleet is a bit meh, and sub-faction colour more so! How am I to enact my own epic battle between my armies Vs the AI to now? (I also hope if not selected it is atleast randomised)

If there isn't a hide ui option, might I suggest it?

I'd very much like a paint fleet option is possible, as in being able to recolour existing patterns at will.

Game is very pretty.

Are there only two game modes atm?

I'm sorry to say that the music, so very much to my liking in the last game, is not altogether as enjoyable, although it is more diverse and I'm sure some would feel opposied to me, and I'm not sure why you didn't include the previous music as well.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have game to play. 😛

Looking forward to the dates when you've got them... As a singleplayer, I've already blitzed through the majority of content