Tyranids Faction Feedback Thread

@Fosil and @doctoryog i see both of you high rank in ladder. Can you please show us some fleet list ? I am sicking more option because I get tired of RP ram fleet a bit ^^' I can really use some advices.

@Uniquecalin bioplasma build: 3 hive ships and the rest pyro kraken escorts. kraken escorts are extremly tough and a better pick than the bioplasma escort (they help alot in the nid mirror) and you want hiveships for the double bioplasma front weapons. this build can handle everything so far, but struggles against a nid mirror pyro builds and to a lesser degree ordnance heavy builds.

focus on weapons and against lance-kiting on engines. nid upgrades and skills give you a wide toolbox against specific fleets, try stuff out and don't always take the synapse upgrade or the teleport skill just to be safe. I tend to go for the admiral range upgrade quite often though, because I like to have the extra range. keep in mind that the "recrew all troops in the current crew level" order is extremly strong.

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@doctoryog I wrote bioplasma(!) (a high crit chance weapon that ignores shields with up to 13.500 range) and specificially pyro kraken escorts (very cheap, 400hp. 83 armor, regenerating and high dps) are overpowered. pyro artillery builds that don't rely on the kraken can be dealt with by going specifially for the weapon itself similar how you can deal with claw nids as necrons. imo the need to get through shields before you can start stacking fires, should give enough options for counterplay. but there is no quick way to deal with a swarm of 200 speed pyro krakens.

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@Fosil Hiveship after the buff is good, I understand, but prow weapons have 10 dps total? 30% crit rate is insane, I can agree with that.

Are we getting nerfs? Guess we are getting nerfs, guys! Again... It probably will all be around lowering crit rates, which will address both plasma and acid weapons overperforming.

@Uniquecalin the pyro build mentioned is usually 2 Bio Acid Hiveships + any + 7-8 Corrosive Kraken escorts, those you bring mostly for fires (despite what Fosil said they have ~8 dps, same as Orks' or any other brawler fleet 'go-to' escort). Armor and regeneration may or may not be stripped from them in later patch though.

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armor and regen are because they have no shields and no turrets
so no they are not overpowered
plenty of other escorts just as good
just move away

The corrosive drone escort has slightly better dps per point than the kraken, the major downside being how slow they are.

But because they are much cheaper they may be even more durable for their cost.

I think only eldar, orks and nids have escorts with more than 4 raw dps. the savage, which has 8 raw dps too, has zero base accuracy at 9.000 range and 50% at 4500. it is slower, has less side and rear armor and people used to call it the best escort in the game since the bfg1 days. kraken have standard accuracy progression, which means (let's ignore projectile speed) they outdamage savages up to something like 2200 distance with lock-on.

more important than raw damage is the fire special effect. you guys know why that is a huge deal. compared to the other "shooty" nid escorts, kraken can take about two and a half times the amount of punishment, which I think is a very good trade-off for losing turrets/ the shield damage aoe. unlike some eldar escorts, which are really good on paper, they synergize with the nid meta builds.

@Ashardalon take a look at the leaderboard and what kind of nid builds are popular, if you disagree with my reasoning.

Can we see the math for the "2.5 times more durable" claim?

no shields
no turrets so more fire crits
no ability to recrew
no ability to cta
no way to repair to stop fires
boost as base nid speed instead of speed multiplier
17 points more expensive then savage

there is also the defender to compare to wich is 10 point cheaper
has a little less dps but has homing torps

and the only reason they synergize so well with nid meta is because nid meta is forced to build around them
as no nid weapons synergize with eachother

We are hilariously over represented on the leaderboard, so yeah expect nerfs.

We are only over represented on the leaderboard yes. But Today I played like 45 games. I only cross Dytong (nice guy btw) as tyranids. +/- 5 SM, 6 DE, 3 CE, 2 TAU, 4 NECRON, 6 AM, 1 E, 4 CHAOS, 1 Ork, 1 Man of Culture and like 15 IN.

I tested :
_ bio-acide fleet light (1 hiveship bio + 4 bio cruser + 1 tentacle bio cruser + 2 escort with jump/shield and bio/pyro upgrade) range stance.
_ pyro fleet light (1 hiveship pyro + 5 pyro cruser with jump/shield and pyro/shield regen upgrade) reload stance.
_ bio-acide fleet heavy (3 hiveship bio + 5 kraken escort with bio/synapse and bio/pyro upgrade) range stance /reload when close.

I like the last one cauz 5 scan and good intel are great, speacialy vs eldar/DE/CE. But only 3 ships who can take quickly objectif is a weackness. But its funny when people didnt realise they get hardly hit by bioplasma cauz they have always shields ^_^

I am glad to listen the HiveMind (you guyz :D) and stop playing old ramfleet.
I guess weapon damage are going to be nerf next patch. The 25% firerate bonus from last patch is maybe to much.
But its a revenge for season 1 who was horrible for us.

Again : sorry for my bad english.

@tyran272 said in Tyranids Faction Feedback Thread:

We are hilariously over represented on the leaderboard, so yeah expect nerfs.

Partly due to many people logging back to try newly buffed shooty Nids. This shouldn't be surprising - people hate nerfs, espesially when they aim at total winrate by tweaking cost instead of lowering overperforming parts of a faction and buffing underperforming ones. Nids not only got better - they got variety, even if 2 former meta fleets are now more of a meme than anything else.

@tyran272 damage needed to destroy kraken = 400 (hull) / 0,17 (DR 83 armor) = 2352 raw damage vs damage to destroy other nid escorts = 200 (shield) + 200 (hull) / 0,33 (DR 67 armor) = 806 raw damage. two and a half was actually too low, because I was using 80 armor for a quicker mental calculation. if you use only lance damage, instead of generic raw damage, the gap closes to roughly 1:2 in favor of the kraken. lastly if you take into account, that the first 200 raw damage can deal full damage or fire crits on the kraken, the gap is even closer, but I am too lazy to calculate the average extra damage through crits you can have from 200 damage. to be more precise, you would need to have include damage over time rates to include hull, shield regeneration and fire damage.

from my game experience, I know that bioplasma escorts lose horrible to kraken and kraken survive much longer in non-nid match-ups. it could be worthwhile to test how non-kraken pyro escorts perform against kraken in a mirror match. it would really help to improve the bio-plasma list, if non-kraken pyros had a edge case use in mirror matches.

@ashardalon: game mechanic question: the fast crit repair upgrade, does it reduce fire duration?

@Uniquecalin afaik reload does nothing for bio-plasma firing rate. it is a lance weapon. you want heavier ships and escorts to suffer less crits that destroy your weapons.

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@fosil no it does not
tyranids have no way to deal with fires except burn and cry

@ashardalon: ok, thx for the quick answer. too bad though.

@Uniquecalin try one hiveship (double bio artillery) as admiral and two bio-acid hiveships (double pyro-acid artillery) + kraken escorts. man, the nid names are confusing as fuck.

Still, almost half of the the top 14 are Tyranids.

My only concern about acid nid effectiveness is the range for hive ships. 13.5k base with 2 x 11dps make them too much powerful and able to compete against more range fighting dedicated factions

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Kraken escort are to strong. They beat all escort and high armor + good dps + good area when they die is op for only 45 points. I use 5 of them and they are so worthfull.

But I am wondering, we do lost ranking point if we dont play right ?
Because I win like 80% battles and dont progress anymore.

@Uniquecalin I don't think you lose rank by not playing. I asked a dev some time ago and it was not implemented and I would be surprised if they surprise patched it in.

but I would expect that if you lose once against a much lower ranked player, you lose more ranking score compared to what you gain by winning several times.

I don't know much about Nids but yeah, the leaderboard is getting flooded by them atm so SOMETHING is up.