DOF bug in spectator mode

Usually when I switch to 3PV, the DOF burled our my screen. Here what it look like from below:


I think it's suppression effect staying on screen. I have also seen gas mask graphic staying on screen. Going to 1st person view fixes it.

get this screenshot effect and even the wrong last image with flashbangs too

Do you have "Normal" scope quality set ?
Does this happen after you switch to 3p or are you spectating in 3p right away ?
Is it every time you spectate somebody with magnified optical attachment ?

@arc hi
i also face the same bug sometimes.

  1. yes i have the scope settings in normal
  2. it happens when i switch to 3p
  3. yes it is everytime i spectate someone with a scope
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@ldclaudius @Arc I've definitely had this glitch before, but I'm honestly not sure what causes it. I do typically use Normal scopes, though. Could be something related to that.

It fixes itself whenever you spectate in first person, but the glitch can seemingly repeat itself over and over.