Reload / Lock On

First I have to avow that I love to play chaos lance/carrier builds, but at the current state they are not really working. As I suggested in an other post one way to make lances viable would be to make reload also function with lances.

Reload: Imo reload is a damage dealer stance, the +66% of dps is awesome. The stance of choice for destroying hulls.

Lock On: First I would reduce the crit chance of lances to it's prior value. Then I suggest to increase the bonus of lock on for criting to 200% or 300%. With that change we would get a real stance for criticals.

With this changes you would have a real choice between brute damage or surgical strikes.

there is a fine line where lance dps gets too strong. I would prefer not to try to make them comparable to macros in doing hull damage.

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You know, I actually like how Reload and Lock On balanced for macro weapons. You want to use Lock On on ranges from 13500 and forward, as it gives you from 50% more DPS at 13500 and 100% more DPS at 18000 range, as well as better crits. And if you want to chase or get closer-run away, you use Reload, getting up to 66% more DPS with macro. It's interesting to note that at 4500 range Lock on gives 100% Macro DPS, while Reload gives 133%.

But for chaos lance boats Lock on is a best choice 90% of the time. Not sure anything can be done about it. May be giving Lances separated Rate of Fire bonus, something like +20%?

I would better having some buffs removed from stances and new stances created (split the reload into a macro reload and a skills/gauge reload...) + more specificity in stances for each faction than having existing stances buffed even more.
You can even reduce the CD of stances and have 4-5 stances for ships instead of 3. You can have different stances depending of ships class. Nowadays a lot of stances are so generic that you use the same stances for a Tau carrier or a IN Macro cruiser...

I am glad that lances are not Dps powerhouse weapons. Having ships melt at 22k to a fast kiting fleet would be pure cancer. Instead, lances are primarily for crits and consistent ranged damage which makes them useful but not unbearably frustrating to fight against--which is exactly how +66% damage would feel.

Also, reload vs lock- on paper Dps is misleading due to accuracy being mieading. Lock-on is basically always worse for macros.

I feel like Reload is basically the best combat stance by far. Damage and mobility? Yeah, I'll take that whenever I can. I would rather Lock On to be the offensive stance, Brace to be the defensive stance and Reload to be the ability/mobility stance.

That way you have to give something up instead of being no-brainer Reload on basically any non-pure Lance ship or stealth fleet.