Compeditive leavers ban problem

Hey, just wanted to point out that the leavers ban is a little off in compeditive. If you leave after the match winning round ends, you get banned. But the match is over anyways so why ban? and a 24 hour ban btw.

P.S was really hoping to play the whole day tomorrow. now bummed for 24 hours

You got 24 hours ban simply because you left the match too many times (it increases gradually and starts from 30 minutes). Matchmaker terminates the match on its own so there's no need to manually leave (you will not see match results if you do so), if not it's different bug which should be reported separately.

but alot of human beings desire to leave the game early. no need to spend time on loading screens.
The system can do whatever it requires without me looking at the screen. Thats my point.

i think its unfair how i have been banned in total 48 hours 30 min . 30 minutes was because my party member failed (hes game crashed) first 24hr ban because i didnt want to wait for scoreboard etc(didnt even know that its bannable).and got banned today again for 24 hours. This time my game crashed when loading into 5v5 match i closed the game form task manager, opened it up again, rejoined the match(saw in chat they still waiting on 120 sec players leave even tho all players connected. BUG). played it til 8:6 win to me. I wanted to play another match but now im banned for 1440 minutes. I rejoined in time. game started as usual we had to do tiebreaker and my team won. and im banned.

I feel that ths is unfair.

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@arc There isn't necessarily a need to manually leave per se, but people who do leave after the game's over shouldn't be punished. That just seems stupid.