The ComanCheep


Based off the bleepinjeep build!

Just a few more textures and a few odds and ends and she will be ready. What do yall think?

very nice, am diggin' that new seating position. lol 😉

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Looks Sweet Man! Nice Job.

@terminatorx58, So, did you figure out the suspension problem? It looks good.

Thanks alot boys!! Got alot of hours in this one.

@Tattoo ☹ No, I still cant get the IK figured out. It animates correctly but the shocks still move out of there postition under acceleration. Seeking help..

@terminatorx58, It did always move some at the bottom when accelerating. That's normal.


Yes i know what youre talking about, ive seen this on other mods(movement on bottom), but like ive said my whole shock moves out of position, it really bothers me. Still searching for a solution.

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What does this mean?? Can load truck in meshes/trucks, but when i go to load in classes/trucks it crashes. Also when i try to go to proving ground the game crashes so its related to this mod for sure.

More than 18k polys/verts on a mesh is my guess. Likely tires since they don't load when you're viewing the mesh xml afaik


Oh okay, yeah my tires are over 20k polys, but I’ve loaded it into classes dozens of times already, Did recently add bead lock set up but kept it as low polys as possible under 2000, and they are separate mesh. Might have pushed it over the limit for the scene(object)?

I got my original KO2s to load up a few times too but then they'd barf more often than not, but once I split up the mesh they load fine every time.

0_1552836800821_cheep9.PNG 0_1552836810928_cheep8.PNG

Taking a little longer then expected, but close to release. Also @JustCallMeSurge did the sounds for the cheep and got the real comancheeps motor sounds, and it sounds incredible.

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The ComanCheep will be released on 3/20/19!!