Chapter 2 and beyond unaccessible in Complete Season


I bought the complete season on PS Store, in late January.

The first episode runs properly.

However, after I finish that, episode 2 and up are locked. When I force the game to go on pressing CONTINUE in the main menu, it says that chapter 2 is missing and I should buy it...
But this is impossible! As I already bought all the episodes, when I go back to the PS Store, the only button I can press on the game product page is "START", which brings me back to the game... where the episode following the first are blocked.

I checked my game install and it says that the installed version is the last available.

What can I do?

Community Manager

Hello @michel3105,

I just send you a PM. It might be easier as I have to ask you for personal informations (where you live) in order to understand what is going on.

Hi Raibi.

Problem solved!

Thanks again for your help.

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