Fatal Errors still happening with some frequency

Fatal errors dont tend to be very common with me but so far i just got one a few minutes earlier and another one or two yesterday. i can say its not happening just to me, since i saw a stream where a guy got somewhere 8 fatal errors during his whole stream (he was keeping track of them).

And i belive that everytime i enter a battle and automatically win/lose before it even starts i can assume that this is also caused by other players having a fatal error.

This is something that hs to be adressed quickly since it seems like the playerbase might be shrinking since i have played against at least 1 player multiple times the last two nights

Hi @KilroyWH78
We are aware of these issues, but could use some more information.
Could you please send us your DxDiag and crash log, if you have it? Would you also happen to have a link to the stream you refer to? Thanks a bunch.

Thanks @KilroyWH78 I've passed these on to the dev team.