CCL Undead Prizes

Dear BB coaches,

A few players that love CCL and its Community have gathered courage enough to kick off the creation of an Association of Coaches that will pursue to keep the PC Ladder as a league of reference and look after it, financing and implementing as many initiatives as possible. The first initiative is the CCL UNDEAD PRIZES. A few sponsors have already put together enough funds to grant at least 500€ in prizes for Season 23 and another minimum 500€ for Season 24. But in order to be eligible for the prizes, the coach must be a Member of the Association. A set of other prizes and trophies are also on the make. For more information or Membership please read more in the link below:

Any particular doubt about this initiative can be solved by addressing it to the e-mail in the link or by posting here.

Whether you like it or not... may Nuffle respect your rolls!

Hi, great initiative, i hope it will grow popular.

I will subscribe.

What do you mean by "qualify to the Playoffs with a no Wildcard race", is that :
-qualifying with a wild card make you not eligible
-qualifying with a race that will get two tickets makes you not eligible
-something else

In both first cases i don't understand the point. Could you tell me ?

Welcome to the Association Ungern, and thanks for your question.

20% of the Total CCL Undead Prizes are triggered each Round of the Playoffs and distributed among Legendary Coaches only. But in the first Round, out of the 32 Coaches that qualify (let’s assume that the 32 are Legendary Coaches) only 16 will get the first Round Award. And those 16 will be the ones that qualified with a race that hasn’t obtained a Wildcard in that current Season.

For example, if you qualify for Season 23 with such a popular race as Chorfs and another Legendary Coach qualifies with Chorfs through a Wildcard too, neither of you will be eligible for the first Round Undead Prize. But if both of you qualify for the second or any other subsequent Rounds, you will receive the Undead Prizes of those Rounds.

CCL Undead Prizes were designed to be more popular than the old Prizes in such a way that just Qualifying is considered an achievement enough to be rewarded. But we all want CCL to have as much diversity as possible. And we must also avoid an excessive atomization of the CCL Undead Prizes pool. So This is why we decided to benefit no-wildcard races qualifications in their first Round.

After Seasons 23 and 24, and depending on the Association size, we may extend this rule to the second Round, as we find the effects it causes very interesting for CCL.

Kind Regards


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Will you have a signup cutoff for seasons? e.g. Have to register before a season starts, or before Champions Cup teams are finalized? (Or somewhere in between).

Sounds like an interesting idea, I like the sound of it and might be interested for future seasons when I've got the time for a proper CCL run again (Hopefully S24).

Thanks for the question. The Membership fee (3,85€) is to support the existence of the Club and it is due each Season. It is possible to become Member in the middle of each Season for that Season. But access to the CCL Undead Prizes Initiative requires being a member already when you started playing with the team that ends up qualifying in order to avoid abuses.

We encourage everyone to join us from Season 23 onwards regardless of their perspective on the CCL Undead Prizes (which are so cool). There is much more than just the prizes and the fee is quite a small effort for most, but it means a lot if we create a lasting Club inside the Community.

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Incoming News. In addition to CCL Undead Prizes, trophies are confirmed too. A Medieval armorer and fellow BB fan is making from scratch three special and limited edition trophies. Check it on instagram, and dont forget that we need your support, join us!

More Incoming News! The Council of Wise Ratmen (that’s how we call the Board of Directors of the Association) has decided that we can’t sit and wait for Season 23 to star working for a better CCL experience for everyone. So, after a lot of squeaking and a few duels to death, they voted yes to creating an Undead Prize for the Winner of PC Season 22: 100€. This prize will be awarded regardless of the Legendary Coach condition, meaning that you don’t need to be a Member of the Association. Now get back to spinning everyone!

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We have what you have been waiting for: The first Official CCL Undead Prizes Report! Here you can see explained the prizes that will operate for Season 23. Don't forget to join us, in order to keep producing awards, contents and initiatives we need all the support we can gather from the Community, from a simple Membership to any humble Donation!

PS: You can contact us through Discord (Yaquestay) or through the e-mail in the first post doc.

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More news from the BB eSport Association of Coaches! After spreading our Tag [4CCL] all around the PC Champion Ladder, we have created a list of the CCL Standings reporting how our coaches are doing compared to non-Associated-coaches (Heretics). If you find your name in red, or you just like our initiative, come on join us!

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After an intense debate in the Association's Council of Wise Ratmen, we have reached an Agreement for the first time in our history! Two more Prizes will be featuring in Season 24.

We aim to attract to our Ass. those coaches that don't have the time to play more than 20 games but do like a good competitive match and more often than not suffer an 300+tv uphill match against a Playoffs try hard coach. For these coaches we created the Bounty Hunter Prizes! Win against Coaches that have the first or second Spot of any Race and you will get a 5€ reward.
Finally, in order to please so many coaches that play CCL just for fun, never looking into qualifying, we have created the CCL Olympics. Play with a big guy nobody uses! Never reset a team! Play as many games as you can with stunties! ... and you will get Prizes no matter your winrate.

This and much more in our Season 24 CCL Prizes report!

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Incoming News from the Association of coaches! Together with Bounties and Olympics, an Inside Tournament for Associated Coaches will also take place in PC CCL Season 24 with 100€ in Prizes. Do you have time to play 5 matches in 5 weeks? Join us and you will have the opportunity to play against some of the best coaches in the scene! The first placed Coach that never qualifed to PC CCL Playoffs is awarded 50€! More info in this link:

Incoming news for the BB eSport Association! The first Bounty Hunter prize was claimed! Arkaini scored a defeat on Caspur's Chaos team with his almost rookie Orcs. And we hail that achievement delivering the first 5€ cash-Bounty prize of the Season. Congratulations @Arkaini. There are 9 bounties to go in addition to many other cash prizes on non qualifying achievements. If you are interested check the link below. We also just today reached 79 associated coaches supporting this initiative to keep CCL competitive and the League of reference, channeling the community's resources to Trophies, Cash Prizes and Miniatures. To celebrate that the next coach that signs in will be the number 80, it will be free of charge. Come and Join us, and have an even better CCL experience!

Follow the BB eSport Association news in our new website: