Community Update 13/03/19

@kingnightshadow Let me know if you figure it out. @chaton Is there a way to watch the event online or something?

Hey @kingnightshadow 😃
No stream is planned for What's Next but we will keep you all updated during the event on social medias. Stay tuned ! We will relay every preview and news during but also after the event.

@kingnightshadow You can expect updates on Facebook and Twitter for MudRunner 😃
We will also post some news on Focus Home Interactive social media accounts.

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i am sure someone there will have a laptop at least, so maybe grab a small camera and possibly live stream or very least maybe live discord updates? idk.

yeah, its necessary guys we want event livestreamed... pretty please :))

I'd be most interested in actual gameplay video footage, even if it's pre-release and subject to improvement. That will give us a better taste than anything.

Everyone who wants a livestream etc. for upcoming "What's Next" event, like this comment or make a separate post for a vote Just to see how many people would watch the event! 🙂

@epstetique basically everyone on thsi forum wants it livestreamed but if its not public presentation and is just business conference for investors to see progress then i dont think we will be seeing it. but i would love to watch ;d

I am not sure, based on what I see at my job, presentation for investors and management could be a BIT misleading... 😃

@Sodoma Lmao. What the hell is that supposed to mean??!! Lol. The suspense us killing me!!!!!!

They wouldn't invite members of the public to come and play a beta at a 'manager's conference' would they?!

I'd be disappointed if we don't get to see any gameplay footage from the event. The development rate suggests that we're gonna be getting spintires v3.0 rather than a 'new' game, I have mixed feelings about this tbh but it would be nice to have some sort of confirmation of the direction they're taking.

😮 It's April now! 🙂

Anyways, this info is very nice!
Looking very much forward to the news on MudRunner 2!
And yes, it was a bit of a surprise, but not a complete one. 😉

BTW: There's a typo. It says "harcore mode". 😉

@malcolm_tucker To be honest.I would be ok with that.I mean if i would get more content like campaign mode(with a story-maybe),more objectives to complete-maybe deliver something more than logs!Bigger,harder and more maps-Maybe Randomly generated soft Mud areas every time before starting a map.
That was Last years April joke from "Devs" I think 🙂 I really liked it .
Thats some of my expectations anyway.Just wanted to share them. Then I would be even ok with v3 . 00 🙂 But let`s wait and see!

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I've got a suggestion for MudRunner 2:
For the Proving Grounds vehicle test map (with the spawn menu, to test out all the vehicles) use the map from the Spintires demo, see Squirrel's video below if you don't know what I'm talking about:
Providing you have the rights to it, of course.
That's all, hope you like my suggestion!

Although I appreciate everyone is expecting MR2 to be all new content, it would be fantastic if the old Spintyres and MudRunner maps were available to play (even single player) even if in, say, a separate 'classic maps mode'. People have probably seen my posts about play longevity being crucial, if the game engine will be providing a bunch of new assets and randomisation options, it would be a shame not to make use of the earlier maps as well.