General suggestion for how to do auxiliary angled/secondary sights
  • Put it in the same loadout-spot as laser-sight (so you have to pick one of the two) and if you don't spend the supply points you don't get to utilize the option
  • Add angled secondary iron sights (same loadout slot as laser sight)
  • Make it the same keybind as laser-sight toggle
  • Make sights with secondary "irons" on top be incompatible with the laser-sight to denote the use of the secondary sights via toggle (add 1 supply point cost to optics with the secondary sights)
  • Add option for certain optics to have it as an added option for 1 supply cost (like acog with "Back-Up Iron Sight" option) and alternatively a 2-supply RMR red dot
  • Use the same system for magnifier-toggle for the "2x" optics (but increase supply cost of those optics as well)
  • Alternatively add a secondary "magnification goggle" for high magnification optics that have it in addition to sights on top of the optic, ELCAN Specter DR for instance has 1x & 4x toggle in addition to top sight "0x irons", so it would be a secondary bind option

Keep it simple, keep original point costs for optics and make angled iron sight cost 3 points ...

@n4thani3l 3 is a tad much considering what it is if laser is 2 points, but 3 seems like the necessary bare minimum for the sake of balance and choice (as 2 gives laser for hipfire which is less controllable etc).