Lobbies and lobby browser

I think this might extend the games longevity, and possibly help with waiting times. what i do know is that it would be nice for people to be able to set up lobbies where they could customize how they want battles to play. such as not having capture points, selecting one of the many events the game has such as space titans, be able to customize fleet points allowed and choose the backdrop of the battle. i know a lot of other games have this system and it has been a really good idea in other rts games. i do know you can customize this in solo skirmish vs AI but lobbies for general multiplayer would probably benefit from this as well.

Its 2019 and Custom Lobbies is a Standard in any RTS game.

Yeah this would be good as well. I know the devs are being pulled in a bunch of directions though so I would prefer replays first to this. But yeah, if possible at least getting a chat channel up would be nice.

Hey @Measly

Thanks for the suggestion, we've passed this on to the dev team. 🙂