Push game mechanics abuse and gameplay suggestion
  1. Suppression should have a greater effect, for realism and tactical sake. See games like Rising Storm 2: Vietnam where just spamming MG fire in the general area has an actual tactical effect (ie blurred vision). For the most part using MGs for the assaulting side is currently of little value.

  2. Spawn camping/wave timing: Too often you have a player sitting just out of the restricted zone watching the wave counter tick down so they can pop out and drop that RPG on you or something similar. This is clearly unrealistic and annoying and I would suggest that to prevent this, the wave counter tic is randomized to be +/- 5seconds or +/- 10 seconds from the actual spawn wave from the enemy's perspective.

  3. Objective leapfrogging: This is another really annoying one where an offensive team is going for cap B and one or two players head to cap C and sit there waiting for B to cap. As often as not they will be able to cap C before any defenders can even make it to the point (the post cap defensive respawn wave often can't even get to the point in time). Should this really be a valid tactic? Rushing the next spawn point I can see but this one is just another one of my gripes. I would suggest not making the next point capable for say 15 seconds or so after the last cap (and for the final cache point perhaps even longer).

Your tuppence is appreciated.


#1: I would hate to play a game where blindly spamming bullets everywhere has a tactical advantage. A player who holds down the trigger without aiming at anyone deserves to get their head blown off by someone who can actually land shots.

In my opinion, suppression is already too strong and handled poorly. Suppression is a tactical option, sure, but it's also a consolation prize for missing your shot. Its implementation is flawed too. The extreme sway and recoil increase makes the suppressed player unable to control their gun to the same extent as the other player. This means that player skill doesn't matter as much when you're suppressed.

I'd be able to get behind a primarily visual effect like in Ins2, but randomizing someone's aim because the shitter on the other team missed a few times is inexcusable. In Ins2, tactical missing was handled well. Since most of the blur effect was in peripheral vision, it wouldn't actually hinder you if someone missed you in a straight-up gunfight. If someone shoots at you from an unknown location, they have an advantage because you will struggle to acquire the target. On the other hand, if you whiff a few shots on someone you have the drop on, the suppression effect alerts them to take cover or return fire. Suppressing an angle actually works in Ins2; you only need to let a player know there's lead flying over their head to keep them down because bullets actually kill people in Ins2.

#2: If you want to get technical, the only unrealistic part of this scenario is when your gun turns off because you're too close to where the enemy reinforcements will arrive. But realism is overrated, so I've got some gameplay suggestions instead. A few seconds of spawn invulnerability would solve 99% of spawn camping problems. This would have the added benefit of being able to move restricted areas further back. This would let you take alternative routes to the objective on offense, opening up the potential for flanking tactics. And on defense, you could be a little proactive instead of sitting on the point waiting for enemies to come to you because you're not allowed to move more than 15 feet past the objective. Areas with LOS to spawn should still be restricted, of course.

#3: It's a high-risk/high-reward tactic. If they put one guy on B and one guy on C, they now have to cap A with 2 players down. If you send one player to check B and C, that's 2 free kills. It's a bit cheesy, but you can counter the strat by defending the objective normally and winning because you have a man advantage.

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Machine gun fire is designed to suppress enemies while riflemen flank and destroy them, suppression fire and beaten zone coverage is a core part of training on automatic weapons.

The cost of this is that the enemy knows where you are, and you're spending ammo, so it's not just mag dumping for the sake of getting a couple random kills.

I agree that the way suppression impacts player control in the game is not the way I'd like to see it done, I'd rather see visual distortion and stamina reduction used as ways to give suppression some impact without making it overly debilitating.