6 Maps and the challanges... and now?

@unster I know they go in a different folder, but if you slap them inte media.zip, they'll work just fine. Only thing is that it will mix with the game files and removing them would be nearly impossible.
How about removing the HDD from the console and putting it into a PC... mmmmm

@deathcoreboy1 Adding stuff to media.zip, at least on a PC, allows you to modify the existing trucks but it doesn't let you add new ones to my knowledge. The console versions of this game would need actual support for mods and it's not as simple as changing a few text files.

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@Unster @Sodoma @justinlynch3 I was wondering... in the PC version of the game, you can manually install mods including the mod files into the Media.zip file and replacing whatever is to replace. So, if you're able to access the game files into, let's say the XBOX version of the game and include the mod files into the Media.zip file... would it work? Go easy on me... I'm a PC tec but never ever had a console of my own so I might have said something stupid. I'm curious if anybody has tried that.

It can be done but ..... you need CFW ( custom firmware ), like the COBRA CFW back in the day for the PS3 , this however is considered 'tempering' and will result in a ban. Especially on the Xbox. Microsoft really does not like it when you fiddle with their consoles.

If you really want to mess around with it, then I really do recommend to stay offline, at least until the OFW ( original firmware ) is back on it.

Simply put , yes, it can be done. It's not easy and not legal by PSN and Live code of conduct.

To be able to run mods you basicly just gonna have to invest in to a pc. It's easier, more power full and way more 'freedom'.

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You definitely don't need to upgrade your PC every year, certainly not for Mud Runner. And consoles have the same issue in that the hardware gets obsolete eventually. But with PC's individual components are easy to replace.

Hmm, thats in parts correct.
My Console XBOX is 2 and a half year. and at this time I bought it, it was an older one and a special offer 🙂
And its running well until now. No need to update.
An a new one is at 400€.
PC is much more expensive 🙂
But: on PC you do have much more benefits... with enough money it has better graphics an is running faster, and you can better control it by keyboard and joystic... and such things.

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If you are willing to put it together yourself, you can get all the parts for a mid-range PC off places like Azason for pretty cheap. I've seen some guys do gaming builds for around $300-$350, less then a PS4 costs. Also if if you buy a pre-built at retail store markup, is it really more expensive in the long run? PSN/XBL require a yearly $60 subscription fee. On PC it's free, just pay your internet bill for your house and that's it.

Back in the early 2000's and such, PS2 era and back. Console gaming was easier and cheaper to get into. These days, not so much honestly.

Sure PC has that "masterrace" stigma, 4K, super high res, dual monitor, latest and greatest graphics card, etc. But you don't need any of that. Just a little mid-range rig that just runs the games is plenty. Just because PC is always coming out with new hardware, don't mean you always have to upgrade. There are still people out there running graphics cards from years ago.

I myself am a PS4 player, most likely I'll be on PS5 as well. It's just hard to leave your friends behind, especially people you know in real life. But I've remained open minded to PC gaming, and honestly it doesn't look that hard or that expensive to get into.

@justinlynch3 Yup, any decent gaming PC of the last 5-10 years will run Mud Runner just fine. It's not a demanding game. My PC is now 3.5 years old and I just upgraded my video card to a later model, but not for Mud Runner. It was for other games like BeamNG and Tomb Raider that had some frame rate issues.

i wonder how many people remember this game was originally made to run on simple basic PC's? 🤔

i believe they won an intel award for it. i could be wrong though it might have been a type of technical award.

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you mean you can play 4 years on a PC of 400€ without costs?
And grapics are the same as on XBOX or PS? And same framerates (over 35 fps?).
Whats with games like Assassins Creed? They are hungry for hardware I think...?
In my PC times (until about 5 years ago), I had to update every 2-3 years graphics-card for 200-300€ and somtimes mainboard/cpu. so there was much costs every year in the average... much more than with console.

I bought my PC for something like 700€ like ten years ago (maybe twelve, not sure). Since that, HDD was replaced (died; 120€), GPU was replaced (upgrade; 180€), RAM were added (upgrade; don't know).
Even before upgrade it ran Witcher3 smoothly on highest details.
MR is not that powerhungry, definitely not for GPU, so my ancient machine is quite OP.
My point is, there is no need, for a regular gamer, to throw family savings into PC each 2-3 years.

ten years??
same CPU?
than maybe the graphics-cards are as good as never bevore or the games are extremly good programmed 🙂
maybe there's much changed in the last 6 years...

Like said by Sodoma pc don't need to upgraded that often if you do a good build to start with,the only thing you could have to replace is graphic card at some point but the motherboard and cpu ram can stay for much longer to get an idea i still have a i7 920(2009/2010) coupled with 12go of ram corsair and and graphic card upgrade from time to time and it hold pretty well with some new title.

A pc has to be taken care of at the software level mostly,a few things to watch:

-One of the most imortant thing is to be carefull when you are using your web browser,never rush to click on anything and it s valid for anything you will install on your computer pay attention to license agreement and make manual installation not automatic who can install some embeded third party software or malware in certain case.

-keep track of the processus running,keep this low as possible beside microsoft base process

-a browser with good plugin(adblocker) or Brave browser for exemple to really avoid a large mass of messy clutter and more problem

-use a lightweight antivirus or even microsoft one if you feel the risk is low you ll infect yourself

At the hardware level keep the interior free of dust and if any noise arise in the power suply area better check what s wrong before using it further.

Those are just a few things to keep in mind,and your computer can keep up for a long time sure at some point things like the pcie bus will saturate or other bus but it takes a while at least so far.
Also most of the time a pc is infected because of human error beside major software vulnerability,hardware vulnerabilty (those require lot more knowledge and are more aimed so far toward high value target) or heavy compromised website.

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@joadoor To be honest, yes, W3 is very well optimized.
On the other hand, development of chips goes to power efficiency, rather than computing power in last years. frequency of my processor is more or less the same you can buy today (I was thinking about total upgrade, but then I found that there is no point (more or less)).

@sodoma @Joadoor
I also believe a CPU these days can last a long time. Not sure about 10 years, unless it was a top of the line model. But they last longer (performance-wise) than a GPU. At least for me that was the bottleneck for some games. Now with a new GPU and the same CPU from 4 years ago I can pretty much play any game at 60 fps. And I'm more than ready for MR2. 🙂

will have to say though, do not cheap out on the cpu either. i did when i got my pc, which is what is hindering what i can or can not play. gta or arma series i can play, but frames suffer and can lag at times if a lot of things are going on. most games i do a spec check on usually tells me my cpu/memory is not good enough, even though i can still play them.

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so back to mudrunner 🙂
meanwhile I'm playing by night (adjusted brightness and contrast), and loading the wood "by hand".
by daylight it's all a little bit overlighted, but ok.
so the nightview is just cool and exciting 😉
next stage it will be I'm switching to simulation...
replaying the levels is not as boring as I thought.

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@joadoor It is not, because not a single game is the same. I spent several hours with a map, that I finished within a single one earlier, simply because I destroyed my truck. So I had to repair it, then my maintanance truck ran out of fuel, then that cliff... Logs delivery is not that simple task, as it might look for a first glance 😃

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"one star challenge" is not an official achievement, but definitely one that lot of players are proud of.

Hardcore one star challenge is everything.

I get a big red star on the door of my Russian truck.



Try completing all the achievements.

I recall there is one achievement for completing the map and not using the map screen. Try this in hardcore mode.

What makes this super hard is not just knowing your way around but that you can only switch from one vehicle to the other when they are side by side. Suddenly the trucks and load outs you use become critical. The routes you take become critical because you can't just magically fly back and get the fuel truck if the fuel truck is half a mile behind you.

A lot of criticism for Mudrunner comes from people used to playing guided games. In MudRunner, a lot of the time, the difficulty comes from challenges you set yourself. Use some of the game given challenges as inspiration though.

I really hope that MR2 will have a LOT more 'achievement style' challenges and thought going into hardcore challenges that make you do things a certain way (or not allow you to do a certain way) or with a certain truck. A lot of the fun in the game can be overlooked if you think in simple terms of easiest way from A to B.

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I really hope that MR2 will have a LOT more 'achievement style' challenges and thought going into hardcore challenges that make you do things a certain way (or not allow you to do a certain way) or with a certain truck. A lot of the fun in the game can be overlooked if you think in simple terms of easiest way from A to B.

But the easiest way is also the most efficient. Efficiency in getting the job done has always appealed to me as a goal. So I'm not really into these voluntary challenges and harder ways to do something that can actually be done in easier ways. Remove the easy ways and make me do it the hard way, then I'll be happy. 🙂

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